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z-u-l-u – that’s the way you spell zulu

Sedwick & Cedar (named for the intersection in the Bronx where Kool Herc’s apartment building is located, aka where hip hop was invented) printed up this awesome retro looking shirt for Afrika Bambaataa. Slim fit, 100% cotton.

Original flier art from an Afrika Bambaataa show waaaay back in 1982. This is awesome rap time machine stuff right here. Slim fit, 100% cotton.

paper cat

it’s been out a few weeks, but adulture and ocd automatic‘s paper cat is one of the hottest releases of the summer. it’s a great track to begin with, but it comes with such a stellar lineup of remixes that it’s hard to pick a favourite. there’s the sax-heavy sammy bananas remix, the slowed-down-to-disco-heaven bit funk remix and the reach-for-the-lasers effort from the phantom’s revenge. add to that the brand spanking new and ever-so smooth remix by free magic, provided FO FREE by the always friendly folk at solid bump, and you’ve got some sure-fire party starters no matter what kind of set you’re playing. at the time of writing, the original paper cat is number three in the turntable lab chart, while the sammy bananas and bit funk remixes are numbers 20 and 21, respectively.

you can also download the sammy bananas remix (i’d say it was my favourite, but they’re all top notch) over at rcrd lbl.

Adulture & OCD Automatic – Paper Cat (Free Magic Remix) (direct link)

Buy Paper Cat at iTunes // Beatport // Turntable Lab

double-take worthy

Burlesque remembers the days when rap videos censored out big corporate logos. Now YOU can feel like a rap star with your own pixelated N*KE shirt! The printed effect looks awesome and really bugs your eyes it in real life (definitely double-take worthy). Standard fit, printed on 100% cotton shirts.

dirty drums and disco edits

enjoi it kid

Enjoy it now kid, when you’re older you’ll WISH they were putting that thing in your mouth.

friday gear

fun stuff! things about which to be happy! i never buy any of these tees, but they’re damn cool. and it’s nice to know people out there are making cool tees that don’t just look like everything else – sure, you can buy a marvel tee in pull and bear, or bershka, or even dunnes, but check this out…

and while you’re at it, have a look at this better version of all those scratch/twist/boogie retro type tees you see everywhere.

and while we’re on a lab buzz, go get the morvern callar soundtrack. i read an amazon review (or was it robbed from allmusic?) which pointed out her dude’s lack of sanity which was clear from how he put everything you do is a balloon at the start of a mixtape… what bugged me in the film was how you hear a teeny bit of the intro, and then she stops it! clearly morvern is nuts too…

superman high

i be on it all night, man I be on it all day

proud to be a problem


someone get me this plz

also, these look kind of cool

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