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can we talk electric picnic?

i’ve been going since 2006. i missed the hallowed “best gig ever” that was arcade fire in 2005, and while i don’t regret it per se, it smarts when people go on about it. i had a magic time in 06, even though i didn’t really see that many life-changing performances. but hey, at festivals, you rarely do.

07 was special too, but again, performance wise it wasn’t out of this world. i think dancing around like a loon with friends to dj mehdi in the bacardi tent before unkle was probably a highlight. for some reason there was something missing in 08 and 09. last year in particular i wasn’t what you might call “festival fit”, so my enjoyment on the whole was affected.

this year, unlike others, i’m not planning on being a complete nazi with regards to catching this band and that dj (though there are a few standouts that i’ll be mad if i don’t see). instead i want to just have the buzz, and though for me a festival is all about the bands, i’m going to try and see what this whole “spirit of the festival” experience is like. that said, these are the acts i really want to see (youtubes after the jump).
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return of the blurg

i haven’t blogged in, like, a week, which is a crazy long time. my excuse is that this time last week i was in a field in belgium, and i deigned not to bring my iphone with me. i didn’t even tweet for five whole days, which must be some kind of record. while i was there i saw some crap shows, some ok shows, some good shows and some great shows. i won’t call out the crap or ok people. there’s a full sort of rundown here, but i’ll just tell you what i loved.

plastikman – rolling thunderous acid techno bleep apocalypse
renaissance man – djs who were thoroughly entertaining didn’t just play what every other dj played (ie no pon de floor, no afrojack, no swedish house mafia)
flying lotus – this was a weird one. he sort of laced through a bizarre set of hip-hop/rock/glitch/dubstep, moving from nas is like to idioteque in the space of about eight minutes. beyond that, he seemed to be having more fun playing tracks off his laptop than most ones-and-twos djs i’ve ever seen.
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first off, i must apologise for the huge delay between instalments. life always seems to get in the way you know. but finally, here it is, my 90-minute round up of the year that was 2007. yes, 90 minutes. whenever i try to make a mix, i always try to keep it under 80 minutes, as if i were going to put it on a cd. in this case i had to keep it at this length. it just felt right.
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a few tips

blah blah pon de foley, blah blah chromeo x tiga.

ok now that those two are out of the way, check this out. another track on rcrd lbl that you might have missed is from la-based them jeans. it’s called tips, and there’s something really quite special. the various subgenres of dance music seem to each be following a particular path when it comes to the inherent sonic textures. them jeans is going down a completely different route. i’m hearing things i’ve never heard before. that’s rare. the theme sounds almost like the imperial march, but it’s put together in such a way that i’m finding it difficult to describe it. underneath this darth vader wowee theme there’s a dark, smoky vibe that’s reminiscent of nadastrom, it’s housey, it’s groovy, it’s a winner.

Them Jeans – Tips

another track that’s caught my attention is a remix by a guy called john howes. the original track, by vanstrom, is called smith n wesson and it’s a dark, heavy techy affair, almost in jokers of the scene territory. howes takes it down a notch. it’s a bit slower, it’s got these delightful his and claps, and the taxi driver sample, rather than seeming less appropriate than it does on the angry snarling monster, is lent an air of mournfulness and despair. the slow, simple disco theme, i don’t want to use the term plods, but it bounces along at a leisurely pace without seeming forced. more tortoise than hare if you get me.

totally wasted

it’s 2010 yeah? so i should really start talking about new music. i was thinking about a top 5 yesterday and was pretty stumped… so that’s a big sign telling me i need to get on top of things!

“You’re hungover/Totally wasted/You wake up dead/Intoxicated/Your head still aches/Your stomach is sick/The alcohol starts to kick”

sounds pretty familiar right? that’s funny, these are the lyrics put together by belgian wunderkid paco de moor. apparently born in the early 90s, he probably shouldn’t be that familiar with the perils of alcohol… yeah yeah. anyway his track the morning after is pretty impressive. to me it sounds like a harder version of hugg & pepp‘s sweet rosie. the plodding bass and synths, the distorted vocals, the relentless groove – while both tracks are pretty much defined by their electronic qualities, neither ever sacrifices any funk. he’s also just put out an insane mixtape to go with his single release (on juno and itunes) – it’s called the morning after mixtape but i think i would actually die if i heard this too early. he’s got some of my favourite people on there – tiga, shadow dancer – as well as some of his own tracks, and even some re-edits from his modyworks label mates. just be careful if you’re walking on that treacherous ice and listening to this – it might lead to an increase of pace and thus a subsequent battle with gravity…

Paco De Moor – The Morning After Mixtape

1. Paco De Moor – Morning After (Drunken Robot Acapella)
2. Toxic Avenger – Toxic Is Dead (Cyberpunkers Remix)
3. Tom Deluxx – Reactivate
4. Just A Band – Burn It Out (Djedjotronic Remix)
5. Tiga – What You Need (Proxy Remix)
6. Paco De Moor – SICK
7. Depuis 91 – Erothiq
8. Djedjotronic – Turn Off
9. Project Cyborg – Oh Oh Oh (Keatch Remix)
10. Paco De Moor – Morning After
11. Djedjotronic – Gum Attack
12. Tiga – Move My Body (Only4Erol Mix)
13. Cassette Jam – Never Going Home
14. SebastiAn – Walkman (Fractured Extended Edit)
15. Cécile – Never Trust
16. Shadow Dancer – Poke

the guy in shades


tiga is a strange character. i love some of his tracks and remixes, his label is pretty awesome, and any time i’ve seen him dj i’ve had a great time. but some of his album tracks leave me cold and a little disappointed. don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic tracks on sexor (pleasure from the bass, good as gold, 3 weeks) and ciao! (the opening four tracks) but the rest of it really is just filler i think. it’s sad. i remember the first time i heard sunglasses at night. it was haunting, robotic, and cool as hell. then tom middleton mashed it up against the timeless blue monday for his 2002 mix the sound of the cosmos. this particular bootleg was released on city rockers, and, though i can’t remember how or where, i picked up the mp3 some years back, and and now i share it with you.

Blue Sunglasses (The Tom Middleton Cosmos Re-Edit)

oh you think that’s cool, me too

saw this video (as usual not embedding, ptah) on ttl. tiga talks sandwiches, collaborators, and how lou reed and salman rushdie influenced ciao!

i’m a zombie

check out this awesome video mix from dublin’s schizofonics – they’re releasing a video a month in advance of their av shows. if this is anything to go by it’s something exciting to look forward to this summer. with tracks from detboi, make the girl dance and tiga it’s a pretty banging mix, so have a look before heading out tonight, or whatever it is you do of a friday night.