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we pull the cars up from the river

so tonight i went to see new moon…….. i know, how unlikely. i enjoyed it a bit more than twilight – partly because i was laughing the whole way through, partly due to the reaction of the crowd – and also it did look quite nice at times. i’ve been avoiding any talk of the soundtrack, just noticing but not following headlines on pitchfork about thom yorke and death cab contributing.

to be fair, thom’s track is quite amazing.

in other thom-related news, i picked up the collection of his remixes (or rmxs) the other day – i know i’m two years late on that, but i didn’t think it was available on cd! it’s a japanese import, i saw it in hmv, i couldn’t resist. it’s gold! i’d heard a few of the remixes already, but the field‘s reworking of cymbal rush is simply mesmerising. quelle surprise.

here’s the burial remix of and it rained all night, quite appropriate a) because burial sounds best in november and b) on account of the flooding across the country this week. not that i want to make light of that horrible situation at all.

Thom Yorke – And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)



it’s a good day. i’m not working. i’m in the middle of reading two great books (one for the bus and one for home time) – jeff chang’s immense can’t stop won’t stop and after dark by haruki murakami. tonight i’m going to that awesome free gig in tripod (in flagranti, the juan maclean dj set, the field), and right now i’m downloading the second installment of the delancey music service. i’m going to have to fight the urge to talk about this every week, but it’s a pretty big urge. this week the interview subject is dances with white girls, one of my favourite new(ish) producers. he first came to my attention with an awesome bmore remix of stevie nicks’ edge of seventeen. within 18 months i could hear one his tracks in urban outfitters on the rapture‘s tapes compilation.

anyway he’s done a wee mix but they’ve not given us a tracklist. so i’m going to have to dig deep and find out what he’s playing. he’s an eccentric and interesting dude – check out his burning bridges and making paper mix from last year, where he goes from proper house and techno to funky house to bmore.

potato man…

where the hell have you been?!

my first glimspe of the o2. it did fill up.

my first glimspe of the o2. it did fill up.

so i went to spandau ballet in the o2. tony hadley dedicated true to stephen gately (rip). the whole crowd sang along (as much because it’s the band’s most famous song as anything else) and what was amazing was that i could still hear the band properly. maybe that was because i was two rows from the back, but anyway, i was still impressed.

Rui Da Silva – Touch Me (Samples Spandau Ballet’s Chant No. 1)

friday night i hit the button factory for the ed banger night – i was hoping so me would be kind of kooky and weird, but he wasn’t that far outside of the ed banger mould. breakbot played some cool tunes, as did busy p. unfortunately i had to leave a little bit early so missed most of feadz‘s set, though what i did hear was excellent as usual – such as a bmore version of the tetris theme (!) and bangalter’s outrun.

the following night i paid a visit to oktoberfest at chq, which was, in a word, surreal. there was a big hall, there were lots of benches and long tables, and a LOT of paulaner. that much i expected. i didn’t expect the chant/refrain of german nonsense, or hearing cotton eye joe, macarena and lots of dj otzi.

what was less surreal was jokers of the scene at colortv in wax. that was just great. except for the “random” body search on the way in – i’m thinking of getting this tee in protest. but that aside, it was awesome. the boys played a fantastic set – it was full of excellent techno, most of which i didn’t recognise, but it was expertly peppered with some of their own productions and remixes. it would have been easy for them to close on the unstoppable baggy bottom boys but they just kept on going. excellent stuff.

not the best photo ever taken of jokers of the scene

not the best photo ever taken of jokers of the scene

so today and yesterday i took it easy. i watched some generation kill, some peep show, and finally finished watching let the right one in. i liked it, less than the book (as is generally the case), but i thought it was an interesting and faithful, if hugely condensed, adaptation. i thought the book was exceptional in its detail, while the film was impressive by virtue of its use of vague suggestion and implication – brush strokes rather than minute detail.

this weekend i’m looking forward to the juan maclean, in flagranti and the field at tripod, and then i’m supporting mustard pimp on saturday at transmission. i’d love to be hitting some of the deaf nights, but alas i’m working almost every day so i don’t want to spread myself too thin! i did this weekend and it’s tough going. i’m getting old…

final word – check out the delancey music service on east village radio tonight – or later in the week on eli‘s blog. last week he and stretch played some wicked tunes, as well as interviewing amanda blank. get on it.


ten for tuesday

i had actually forgotten it was chart day until i saw nialler9‘s tweet – so i had to quickly gather my thoughts on what was rocking my world this week. i’ve been working on a mix for transmission so some of these tracks may well feature there, while others are just making me smile.

1 Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Death Suite
2 Kid Cudi f. Kanye West & Common – Make Her Say (Nadastrom 88 Dub)
3 Zombie Nation – Mystery Meat Affair (Shadow Dancer Remix)
4 Dakunt – T’a Surdou
5 Sam Tiba – Weed Barbie
6 Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
7 Eli Escobar – Glass House
8 Still Going – Untitled Love
9 The Field – Sequenced
10 Kanye West – Through The Wire