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because xxxchange needs all the blog love he can get!

i featured ghostdad’s acid yazz last week (which is still super awesome and features xxxchange tracks such as his remix of charlotte gainsbourg) and now i wanna draw your attention to a new project from xxxchange, ghostdad and devlin. they’ve done a new track under the name win win, which is a pretty appropriate moniker. the track is called releaserpm (no i’ve no idea either), and it features vocals from lizzi bougatsos, who if you don’t know is a member of gang gang dance. remember what i said? win win. the track is hosted on the fader, and got a mention on p4k, but it needs our attention because…..

never think that dudes, NEVER…

zomby nation

where were you in 92? i was in school, on holiday in france, yeah whatever. if you’ve ever read a blog in your life you’ve probably heard of zomby, and his cut-up jungle/ghetto/bmore/dubstep/unclassifiable album/mixtape with a title inspired by a line from m.i.a.’s xr2. have you heard that he’s playing in dublin? mag-turned-website-turned-radio-show-turned-promoter analogue is bringing him over to dublin this weekend, and it promises to be an interesting event.

playing the twisted pepper, where i’ve recently seen fake blood, dj funk and the ridiculously good residents such as barry redsetta, shortie and frank sweeney, he will hopefully indulge the whims of the sell-out crowd (the buzz surrounding this gig is palpable) with some choice gems from wwui92 and his various eps from the last two years, while blowing everyone away with intriguing and innovative experimental pieces like sky high, which appeared unceremoniously on his twitter this past week. but then again, if he did what we expected it wouldn’t be very interesting, would it? imagine he just showed up and played 75 minutes of think breaks and sci-fi samples. it’d still be epic. see you there.

in the meantime, read the masked man’s interview in the fader for an insight into the twisted mind of this enigmatic character.

Zomby – Pills
Zomby – Sky High (extract)

mix of the weekend 3


i must admit i found this via the fader and subsequently nah right. i was initially intrigued by this image of weezy spewing gold like santi, and then even more intrigued by what i read on terry urban‘s blog:

Hello world…
This is your friendly neighborhood deejay, Terry Urban… blogging live on ThePressPlayShow.com

As many of you know, I’ve been preparing to releasing an exciting mixtape this summer called Southerngold.

Basically, me mixing my favorite Southern rap vocals over remixed samples of my favorite Santigold influenced samples and tracks…
I may be biased, but to be honest, it turned out quite cool, as many of you who downloaded the teaser leak (f/ Chip Tha Ripper) can attest…

However, as I am about to release my mix on the internet tonight… literally, I am sitting at my desk in Brooklyn uploading the mix to YouSendIt.com… I get a cease and desist from lawyers at Santigold’s label… Downtown Records…

Now, my friends on these internets, I ask you this: Why is this happening?

I’m not selling this… I’m not making a dime… I’m encouraging everyone to BUY Santigold’s album… and I’m helping to expand her fan base to new markets… in addition, none of these songs are as they would appear on her actual album… EVERYTHING is remixed and redone… so there is no competition with her actual in-stores album (which is dope…go buy it… two copies!)

Is Downtown Records not aware of the influence deejay culture has made on Santi’s career? All the deejays who have made homemade remixes and re-edits that have gotten play in clubs across the world? It’s not like commercial radio was embracing her music when she dropped. It was the progressive deejay, the same deejays who make remixes and mashups and support avant-garde creative music!

It’s ironic that Downtown Records biggest group was signed due to a project with similar ambitions… Gnarls Barkley’s Danger Mouse with The Grey Album.

So… I ask you… what should I do?

And if you know Santi personally… can you ask her for me? Why is she shutting down the very deejays who will support her to the very end? Her first single was called “Creator” yet they shut down the very people who create?

I wonder if she is even aware of this bureaucracy behind this…

It’s crazy… and I hope soon that the world can hear the project I created in honor of Santigold…

Terry Urban

Ps. My friends… a parable for you on this evening: If Santigold truly wants Brooklyn To Go Hard, and I’m a Brooklyn resident trying to Go Hard… and she shuts it down, is Brooklyn, by default, not going hard?

now typical responses are either “this is bull” or “it’s her music and you’re using it without permission”. there doesn’t really seem to be a right answer but at the end of the day, urban, santi and downtown just got a whole load of publicity.

don’t be afraid


there are these signs over posters for cream and sankeys here in preston saying “CANCELLED” with stop fly-postering written around it. i’ll have to get a pic. didn’t know it was illegal! shows what i know…

the fader are killing it today (as ever) with tracks from kellz, holy ghost! and amerie. yeah no shame there, i love amerie! it’s a bit bizarre but this a. brucker (switch) and sinden remix of touch from 2006 is basically her vocals over busta‘s touch it. simple yet effective. still love it.

Busta Rhymes & Amerie – Touch (A.Brucker & Sinden Mix)

boo boo

i live on the eighth floor here, and for the last month or so i’ve taken to walking down the stairs and getting the lift up. this means that on my downward journeys i sometimes get a bit dizzy, as i tend to hurry just a little bit. what made matters worse earlier, as i went to collect my clothes from the dryer across the courtyard, was the stench of lynx africa. hmmm… anyway, here’s a weird pic of dj ayres… maybe he can smell the lynx too.

i hate transcribing interviews. so painstakingly boring. well no the actual interview itself is interesting, but listening to it over and over again? not so much…


WHOA – jokers of the scene remix of rob threezy on the fader. i’m very excited about seeing these guys soon. check it.

when you’re in my hut you know what’s up


big tings from fool’s gold today. i was just listening to the bake sale for the first time in a while yesterday, and now chuck and mikey are back with a new mixtape, gone fishing. you can catch it at the fool’s gold blog, but props to fader freeload too. also have a look at my interview/show review from last year.

more fool’s gold madness comes in the shape of a kid sister/treasure fingers reworking of the CLASSIC jungle brothers jam i’ll house you. the first time i came across this track was actually the hitmen remix back in ’98. at this stage it’s kind of hard for me to separate the two because the remix is the one i know best, with its massive falling down the stairs break, but i really love the optimo cowbells that perforate the original. and whatever happened to hitmen? according to discogs, nothing

Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You ’98 (Hitmen Radio Edit)
Kid Sister – I’ll House You (Reebok Classic ’09)

how to toe the line between homegirl and art fag

everyone’s favourite potty-mouthed hipster rapper is finally about to release an album. she’s had guest spots on tracks with spank rock, pase rock, santigold, fully fitted and more, and finally we’ll get to hear amanda blank all on her lonesome. i blogged about her new track might like you better just the other day, and now she’s got a pretty hilarious interview on the fader.

check out news on i love you, her tips on making the perfect pregnant suit, and why lil wayne should lock up his bunny rabbit.