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tomb of the doom

so who’s excited about seeing mf doom next month? viktor vaughan is coming to dublin’s button factory on october 12, brought over by the guys from choice cuts. one of the most interesting and prolific rappers out there, there’s not much point in me even trying to go through his back catalogue, so instead i can offer this mix put together by dj mayhem, who’s been part of the irish hip-hop scene since the mid-90s. it collates some of his best work, from madvillainy (with madlib), the mouse and the mask (with danger mouse), mm…food, a collaboration with gorillaz and much more, even fitting in his rework of nas’ one love from nastradoomus. check it.

1. Intro
2. November has come
3. Popsnot
4. Bada Bing
5. Curls
6. Meat Grinder
7. More Rhymin
8. Pot Holders
9. Greenbacks
10. Crosshairs
11. Ballskin
12. Kon Karne
13. Doomsday
14. Benzie Box
15. Deep Fried Frenz
16. Gas Drawls & Live from Planet X
17. Fancy Clown
18. Hoecakes – Left overs Mix
19. ? feat Kurious
20. My Favorite Ladies – Live from Planet X
21. Gazillion Ear
22. Dope Skill.
23. Basket Case.
24. Mr. Clean.
25. Vomit/Change That Beat
26. Money Folder Remix.
27. Angelz feat Tony Starks.
28. Outro.
29. MF Doom Special Blend – Nas – One Love.


watch out for lesser-spotted djs bok bok, haido and parle

still recovering

well transmission on saturday was nuts. even though it was just us residents, the place was packed. like at krash, i tried to play as many tracks as possible that i hadn’t played before – though mr blood made an appearance yet again – it’s just too good of a tune to let go! seriously though, as a clubber i know i get bored hearing more than a few tracks over and over, so i guess as a dj it’s my job to keep it interesting…

Young MC – Bust A Move (Diplo Remix)
Riton – Oh Super!
Joe and Will Ask? – Christ Martin
Green Velvet – La La Land
White Girl Lust – Blood
Delphic – Doubt (Paul Woolford Remix)
Douster – For Weirdos Only (Momma’s Boy Remix)
Zinc – Blunt Edge
Ian Pooley – Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix)
Gossip – Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix)
The Count & Sinden – Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)[snippets!]
The Count & Sinden – Beeper (A-Trak Remix)
Myd – Noria
Tittsworth – WTF (Eli Escobar Remix)
Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent
Djedjotronic – Dirty And Hard
Shadow Dancer – Poke
Röyksopp – This Must Be It (Rex The Dog K-DART Remix)
Major Lazer – When You Hear The Bassline (Dance Area Remix)
ZZT – The Worm (Original Munich Version)

quigo and myself going back to back was a lot of fun too – not entirely certain of everything he played but it was something like this…

Major Lazer – Keep It Going Louder (Diplo Remix)
Gramaphonedzie – Why Don’t You (Greenmoney Remix)
Felix Da Housecat – Kickdrum (Arveene & Misk Remix)
MSTRKRFT – Work On You
Dead Prez – Hip-Hop (Diplo Remix)
Juice String – Sex Weed (Laidback Luke Remix)
Jokers of The Scene – Baggy Bottom Boys
10CC – I’m Not In Love

unfortunately we had to cut the last track short. think we even finished before the lights went on! crazy times. definitely want to do more back to back sets – really poses a challenge i think, and gives you a chance to have fun trying to get inside someone’s head.

what i’m really excited about is this: interview coming soon!

let’s hope it’s a good one

so my first new year’s eve spent anywhere other than someone’s house or a starbucks (long story) was pretty crazy. schizofonics rocked a transmission crowd through the midnight shift, and myself and jon averill kept things going before hystereo and shit disco brought the proceedings to a close. the insane sight that was dublin’s streets almost entirely bereft of taxis was compounded by the ice-rink-like quality of the city’s pavements – drunken revellers were lucky not to fall over as they warily made their way home. i myself had to grab on to lamp posts and even a bridge at points in order to escape the cruel hand of gravity. town tonight was like some sort of post-apocalyptic nightmare, as city-dwellers and the unlucky few who found themsleves working tonight shuffled gingerly across roads like cold-stricken zombies.

if i didn’t have to do it myself it’d be hilarious.

anyway – this is kind of pretty much what i played last night – jon also played (at the very least) some old school rave, a-trak’s heads will roll remix and star guitar somewhere in between all of this. want to do more b2b sets now!

Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler
Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix)
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Death Suite (DJ Mehdi Simple Acid Edit)
Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
Boys Noize – Oh! (A-Trak Remix)
Surkin – White Knight Two
The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers
Daft Punk – Crescendolls
Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent
Tiga – Hot In Herre
Empire of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)

i am not a robot

…so it hurts when you don’t dance… the last few times i’ve played transmission i’ve been pretty lucky with the crowd – they’ve been dancing from around 11.30 and slowly but surely the floor has been filled by the time i’ve finished. not so tonight. it was frustrating – especially when people started dancing in clusters but then left the floor in whole groups rather than in dribs and drabs… anyway the last 20 minutes or so were epic. big up to my mate jake who texted me asking for baltic pine – unlike the guy why asked for crystal castles and deadmau5, jake got what he asked for… anyway this isn’t all exactly in order but you get the drift.

Pase Rock – So Fucking Disco
LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous
Christopher Wade – Be Still My Beating Heart
Armand van Helden – Je T’Aime (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Eli Escobar – Glass House
Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Remix)
The xx – Crystallised (Rory Phillips Remix)
Laberge – True Love
Eli Escobar – Movin On
Ghostface Killah – Charlie Brown (DJ Mehdi Remix)
Passion Pit – The Reeling (Sammy Bananas Remix)
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)
Lykke Li – Little Bit (Loving Hand Remix)
The Teenagers – Starlett Johansson (Rory Phillips Remix)
Para One – Midnight Swim
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
Daft Punk – Face To Face
Marina and The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Dveloped Heavy Edit)
Gossip – Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix)
Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
The Juan MacLean – No Time
Cut Copy – Lights and Music (Boys Noize Remix)
Telephoned – Pop Champagne
La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)
Joe and Will Ask? – Fabric of Win
Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent
Major Lazer – When You Hear The Bassline
The Count & Sinden – Beeper (A-Trak Remix)[just the “uh-uh”s]
Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine


lately i’ve been trying to be a blogger by day, a sub-editor by evening and a dj by night. i’ve met with relative success. maybe i need a bit more of the blogging, but hey, i’m getting there. i posted a link to my interview with belgian electro-rock outfit the subs on facebook and a friend pointed out the obvious joke.

which i’d missed somehow.

anyway don’t forget that these crazy belgians will be shaking transmission to the ground tomorrow night. as well as that, we’re still looking for any budding producers out there who feel like tackling their latest single, fuck that shit. ahem. finally we’ve got prizes for costumes tomorrow night courtesy of bud ice – they’ll be given out before 12.30am so make sure you get in early.

halloween is coming

potato man…

where the hell have you been?!

my first glimspe of the o2. it did fill up.

my first glimspe of the o2. it did fill up.

so i went to spandau ballet in the o2. tony hadley dedicated true to stephen gately (rip). the whole crowd sang along (as much because it’s the band’s most famous song as anything else) and what was amazing was that i could still hear the band properly. maybe that was because i was two rows from the back, but anyway, i was still impressed.

Rui Da Silva – Touch Me (Samples Spandau Ballet’s Chant No. 1)

friday night i hit the button factory for the ed banger night – i was hoping so me would be kind of kooky and weird, but he wasn’t that far outside of the ed banger mould. breakbot played some cool tunes, as did busy p. unfortunately i had to leave a little bit early so missed most of feadz‘s set, though what i did hear was excellent as usual – such as a bmore version of the tetris theme (!) and bangalter’s outrun.

the following night i paid a visit to oktoberfest at chq, which was, in a word, surreal. there was a big hall, there were lots of benches and long tables, and a LOT of paulaner. that much i expected. i didn’t expect the chant/refrain of german nonsense, or hearing cotton eye joe, macarena and lots of dj otzi.

what was less surreal was jokers of the scene at colortv in wax. that was just great. except for the “random” body search on the way in – i’m thinking of getting this tee in protest. but that aside, it was awesome. the boys played a fantastic set – it was full of excellent techno, most of which i didn’t recognise, but it was expertly peppered with some of their own productions and remixes. it would have been easy for them to close on the unstoppable baggy bottom boys but they just kept on going. excellent stuff.

not the best photo ever taken of jokers of the scene

not the best photo ever taken of jokers of the scene

so today and yesterday i took it easy. i watched some generation kill, some peep show, and finally finished watching let the right one in. i liked it, less than the book (as is generally the case), but i thought it was an interesting and faithful, if hugely condensed, adaptation. i thought the book was exceptional in its detail, while the film was impressive by virtue of its use of vague suggestion and implication – brush strokes rather than minute detail.

this weekend i’m looking forward to the juan maclean, in flagranti and the field at tripod, and then i’m supporting mustard pimp on saturday at transmission. i’d love to be hitting some of the deaf nights, but alas i’m working almost every day so i don’t want to spread myself too thin! i did this weekend and it’s tough going. i’m getting old…

final word – check out the delancey music service on east village radio tonight – or later in the week on eli‘s blog. last week he and stretch played some wicked tunes, as well as interviewing amanda blank. get on it.



be sure to come check out myself and quigo on saturday. think i’m going to try and fit in some acid classics – i’m just in that kind of mood – you know, this kind of thing… be there!


it seems a bit daft that dublin’s best saturday night out didn’t have a decent website to go with it, but at last the transmission website has been launched. check it out here. i’ll be writing for their blog along with a few others – anything from elaborate previews of forthcoming artists to informative articles on seminal events in (dance) music history. there’ll also be a few mixes and loads of photos from each weekend’s party. fun times yo.