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best interview ever?

solid bump take things into the next century on this awesome interview with ghosts of venice. so much love for these guys.


it’s been a minute since solid bump have hit us with a new release, and this one has been in the pipeline for so long that some of us have been, quite literally, itching to get our hands on it. what do you get when you combine san fransisco, leeds and a love of delicious house music?

yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. lovely isn’t it? classic house, tinged with disco, guitar licks that scream party but have a hint of melancholy, ghosts of venice‘s her is, in two words, all good. Continue reading


i first hear mesopotamia in the middle of my favourite section of diplo‘s top ranking mix for santigold. it was pretty much my favourite jam that summer, and on into fall. i mean autumn, of course, yes. fast forward two years, and those occasional purveyors of more-than half-decent house, white girl lust, have tackled the original and beefed it up for late-night action. originally intended as a super-secret djs-only promo, now they’ve released it to the world, but with a 1,000-download limit.

just recently the guys did an interview and mix for the chemical jump blog, the mix of course featuring this b52s bootleg. what they did was, in their own words, “strip the original composition to it’s essence and reconstruct the track as a stomping dub for the dancefloor. The result is too reserved to be called ‘big room’ but far too massive to be a categorized a ‘beard stroker’ edit. Let’s split the difference and call it ‘Mid-Sized House’.”

i can live with that.

paper cat

it’s been out a few weeks, but adulture and ocd automatic‘s paper cat is one of the hottest releases of the summer. it’s a great track to begin with, but it comes with such a stellar lineup of remixes that it’s hard to pick a favourite. there’s the sax-heavy sammy bananas remix, the slowed-down-to-disco-heaven bit funk remix and the reach-for-the-lasers effort from the phantom’s revenge. add to that the brand spanking new and ever-so smooth remix by free magic, provided FO FREE by the always friendly folk at solid bump, and you’ve got some sure-fire party starters no matter what kind of set you’re playing. at the time of writing, the original paper cat is number three in the turntable lab chart, while the sammy bananas and bit funk remixes are numbers 20 and 21, respectively.

you can also download the sammy bananas remix (i’d say it was my favourite, but they’re all top notch) over at rcrd lbl.

Adulture & OCD Automatic – Paper Cat (Free Magic Remix) (direct link)

Buy Paper Cat at iTunes // Beatport // Turntable Lab

rip le principle

it’s with some sadness that, after a year of great tunes, the guys from le principle are going their separate ways. garrett is to move on as adulture, while josh is to make music as charlie church. the good folk at solid bump have kicked off the wake by sending out the duo’s last track together, blue love. it’s a lot of fun, as a jacking replayed sample is surrounded by dancing synths, pummelling hi-hats and excitable “woo!” chants. one can only hope that, as with the recent split of aeroplane, the two will double their output without any loss of quality.


adulture’s paper cat, with ocd automatic, is out on solid bump this july 27, with remixes from sammy bananas, bit funk, and the phantom’s revenge, while charlie church’s girl came out on one for all records last month.

chart action

i did a weekly chart here for a while, but some time around september i guess it fell by the wayside. then i started to do one for resident advisor (the most recent one is here). but then when i get to thinking what i want to chart, it’s just all a bit….. raaaanghya. yeah, that is an official term for frustration and laziness.

then i wake up to this. white girl lust are getting in on this ra chart business, and they go one better by putting together a mix of their top 10, so you don’t have to go looking for tracks. at your fingertips. nice. i’m especially excited about their remix of ghosts of venice’s her, forthcoming on solid bump records. in the meantime, this is my latest chart. sorry i ain’t got no mix.

June 2010 – Resident Advisor Top 10 by White Girl Lust

lusty beats

awwwwww yeah. more solid bump. damn. their run of absolutely ace releases continues with meroz’s lust/trump/grit ep. all three tracks are exciting disco house jams, conjuring the ghost of thomas bangalter as the SB boys put it. they’ve got that repetitive-but-not-irritating thing down, replaying simple samples and layering them with nice licks and varying percussion, synths and
themes. we’ve even got some explosions to enjoy on lust and grit. what’s really cool is that in trump there’s this distorted raekwon sample, where he’s talking about “spine-tingling, bust-yo-shit-open beats” – exactly what we have here – that comes from the into to skew it on the bar-b on aquemini, or should i say the outro to rosa parks, which i played last night. how and ever… then we have the dark and pumping gingy & bordello remix of lust, moody and housey, and with these mad stabs which recall that monstrous chems remix of fatboy slim. you can hear a clip below, as well as grabbing a 192 dl of trump.

really doe, you need to pick up the release at beatport, iTunes and turntable lab. pleasure and pressure 2 is ridin’ dirty at number FIVE in the all-time charts on ttl, let’s get this up there too people. solid bump, running tings in oh-10…

Meroz – Trump (192 Free Download) by Solid Bump Records

Meroz – Lust (Gingy & Bordello Remix) *CLIP* by Solid Bump Records