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paper cat

it’s been out a few weeks, but adulture and ocd automatic‘s paper cat is one of the hottest releases of the summer. it’s a great track to begin with, but it comes with such a stellar lineup of remixes that it’s hard to pick a favourite. there’s the sax-heavy sammy bananas remix, the slowed-down-to-disco-heaven bit funk remix and the reach-for-the-lasers effort from the phantom’s revenge. add to that the brand spanking new and ever-so smooth remix by free magic, provided FO FREE by the always friendly folk at solid bump, and you’ve got some sure-fire party starters no matter what kind of set you’re playing. at the time of writing, the original paper cat is number three in the turntable lab chart, while the sammy bananas and bit funk remixes are numbers 20 and 21, respectively.

you can also download the sammy bananas remix (i’d say it was my favourite, but they’re all top notch) over at rcrd lbl.

Adulture & OCD Automatic – Paper Cat (Free Magic Remix) (direct link)

Buy Paper Cat at iTunes // Beatport // Turntable Lab

rip le principle

it’s with some sadness that, after a year of great tunes, the guys from le principle are going their separate ways. garrett is to move on as adulture, while josh is to make music as charlie church. the good folk at solid bump have kicked off the wake by sending out the duo’s last track together, blue love. it’s a lot of fun, as a jacking replayed sample is surrounded by dancing synths, pummelling hi-hats and excitable “woo!” chants. one can only hope that, as with the recent split of aeroplane, the two will double their output without any loss of quality.


adulture’s paper cat, with ocd automatic, is out on solid bump this july 27, with remixes from sammy bananas, bit funk, and the phantom’s revenge, while charlie church’s girl came out on one for all records last month.

rockin’ that thang

telephoned telafrend twentyten

i was watching the uk top 40 on mtv earlier and i was pretty disheartened. i guess it’s easy to fall into that trap of caring what is successful and what most people are listening to, but it’s great that even so, people are still out there making great music. i mean, yeah, replay sucks, and it’s pretty regressive to have two different renditions of don’t stop believing in the chart right now, but who cares? i was having a conversation about montell jordan the other night, and how much we all loved this is how we do it and get it on tonite. the next day one of the people i was talking to posted donell jones’s u know what’s up on my facebook. how come the pop/r’n’b we get in the charts these days isn’t nearly as good?!

it’s a bit late to be blogging about it, but i’m really loving the telephoned mixtape – i got such a good reaction when i played pop champagne back in august, i’ve been waiting for more from these guys since. this mixtape, ostensibly an ad for their debut ep on fool’s gold. their shtick is that they cover pop, r’n’b and electro tracks and rework them in a damn funky dancefloor style that is irresistably enjoyable. we’ve got a southern crunk style cover of use somebody, a funky house version of breakfast, and we’ve even got the xx meets calabria. just try not to enjoy it. it is, quite literally, off the hook.

Telephoned – Off The Hook


lose the boredom, bring back the love!

1 Joe and Will Ask? – Fabric Of Win (ft. SaintSaviour)
2 Young Edits – Radio Tokyo
3 Florence + The Machine – Drumming Song (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
4 Telephoned – Pop Champagne
5 Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
6 Cubic Zirconia – Fuck Work (Dances With White Girls Remix)
7 Rainbow Arabia – Holidays In Congo (Myd Remix)
8 Eli Escobar – Glass House (XXXChange’s Yoga Mom In A Blender Mix)
9 Major Lazer – When You Hear The Bassline (ft Ms. Thing)
10 Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream I Can’t Stop Dreaming

more from the white knight

Surkin bigs up Para One at Primavera 08

Surkin bigs up Para One at Primavera 08

UK fans: tonight on Radio 1, Surkin mini mix on Jaymo and Andy George’s show! @itsandygeorge @itsjaymo @surkin85

ever since i first saw surkin blow the tivoli away with his ableton wizardry two years ago i’ve been watching his career with great interest. and while he hasn’t done much lately other than white knight two, hoes get down and a few remixes, his name is always one that will grab my attention. hopefully this mix will be more than just a case of lashing as many tunes into five minutes as possible, like his mini mix for annie mac last year. anyway. you can listen to the show here tonight at 2am. for now, enjoy his (not so) mini mix for institubes from 2006.

Surkin – INS Minimix

EDIT: AND sammy bananas just said this:

Catch me live on BBC Radio 1 Tonight w/ @itsandygeorge and @itsjaymo 7PM EST. Interview and 20 min mix FULL of exclusives!

top 10 for de week

inspired by nialler9, i’ve decided to do throw out a top 10 for the week. this may or may not become a running theme. tunes old and new, all beauties in their own right. where possible i’ll suggest a blog where you may or may not be able to find the track. otherwise, it’s a gem that i hold truly dear…

1 Redshape – Black Dust
2 Phoenix – Lisztomania (CLASSIXX Version)
3 Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy (U-Tern Remix Instrumental)
4 Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)
5 Passion Pit – The Reeling (Sammy Bananas’ Big Choon Remix)
6 Shit Robot – Simple Things (Work It Out)(Todd Terje Remix)
7 Hostage – Soundboy
8 Major Lazer – Can’t Stop Now (ft. Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell)
9 Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Andi Müller’s Looong Mix)
10 War – Slippin’ Into Darkness (Armand van Helden Dub)

you may or may not hear me play some of these tracks at soundcheck in spy on thursday. come down and find out.

Soundcheck Poster June 25