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paper cat

it’s been out a few weeks, but adulture and ocd automatic‘s paper cat is one of the hottest releases of the summer. it’s a great track to begin with, but it comes with such a stellar lineup of remixes that it’s hard to pick a favourite. there’s the sax-heavy sammy bananas remix, the slowed-down-to-disco-heaven bit funk remix and the reach-for-the-lasers effort from the phantom’s revenge. add to that the brand spanking new and ever-so smooth remix by free magic, provided FO FREE by the always friendly folk at solid bump, and you’ve got some sure-fire party starters no matter what kind of set you’re playing. at the time of writing, the original paper cat is number three in the turntable lab chart, while the sammy bananas and bit funk remixes are numbers 20 and 21, respectively.

you can also download the sammy bananas remix (i’d say it was my favourite, but they’re all top notch) over at rcrd lbl.

Adulture & OCD Automatic – Paper Cat (Free Magic Remix) (direct link)

Buy Paper Cat at iTunes // Beatport // Turntable Lab

a few tips

blah blah pon de foley, blah blah chromeo x tiga.

ok now that those two are out of the way, check this out. another track on rcrd lbl that you might have missed is from la-based them jeans. it’s called tips, and there’s something really quite special. the various subgenres of dance music seem to each be following a particular path when it comes to the inherent sonic textures. them jeans is going down a completely different route. i’m hearing things i’ve never heard before. that’s rare. the theme sounds almost like the imperial march, but it’s put together in such a way that i’m finding it difficult to describe it. underneath this darth vader wowee theme there’s a dark, smoky vibe that’s reminiscent of nadastrom, it’s housey, it’s groovy, it’s a winner.

Them Jeans – Tips

another track that’s caught my attention is a remix by a guy called john howes. the original track, by vanstrom, is called smith n wesson and it’s a dark, heavy techy affair, almost in jokers of the scene territory. howes takes it down a notch. it’s a bit slower, it’s got these delightful his and claps, and the taxi driver sample, rather than seeming less appropriate than it does on the angry snarling monster, is lent an air of mournfulness and despair. the slow, simple disco theme, i don’t want to use the term plods, but it bounces along at a leisurely pace without seeming forced. more tortoise than hare if you get me.

hear me now

well this just covers all bases really doesn’t it… it’s a track by the dead weather – you know, the mosshart/white/fertita/lawrence supergroup – and it’s remixed by diplo. there’s not really much more to say, but i imagine i won’t be the only blogger getting in a tizzy over this…

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother (Diplo Remix) (via RCRD LBL)

next up, i just started following jt on twitter and already he’s impressed me, with a round up of the fashions gracing festival stages this summer, as worn by the likes of gwen stefani, karen o and so forth. damn girl.

and finally, check this out 😉


what a day

i thought mondays were supposed to suck? i had an excellent interview (completely non-music related), found an excellent charity compilation with tracks by diplo, lcd, eli and devendra banhart, and when i hit up my google reader i saw some innanet-gems.


buraka som sistema are giving away a new mixtape, and fool’s gold have rounded up ALL the free tracks they’ve given to rcrd lbl in advance of a party the two are putting on tomorrow. shame it’s in nyc. anyway my personal favourites have to be the surkin remix of acid life, a-trak‘s remix of bounce, and pretty much everything involving kid sister. one in particular is her freestyle over green velvet‘s shake and pop, the standout from the otherwise mediocre pillowface mix cd. apparently her album is on the way – see here for an insightful interview.

Sometimes you just gotta let it marinate. I need to make something I’m proud of. So don’t hate! We’re doing it as fast as we can. In the meantime, let’s tell knock-knock jokes on Twitter: Knock knock. Who’s there? Your album. Oh, wait– just kidding. It’ll never end.

EDIT: oh yeah and there’s a oizo remix of n.a.s.a. floating around too 😉

free traxxx

i’ve mentioned rcrd lbl before, that awesome source of free’n’legal mp3s, but i’ve come across a couple of other giveaways online today.

beatport are giving away five tracks from artists who played at this year’s sónar festival in barcelona – moderat, richie hawtin, animal collective, martyn ft the spaceape and marcel dettmann – while felix da housecat has a new track he’s giving away entitled we all wanna be prince. it’s true.


meanwhile i’m currently downloading the 20 tracks from wilco‘s ashes of american flags dvd. 174mb! nice one. i picked up (the album) today and thought the album artwork was all a bit bizarre – the cd itself is a a birthday cake awash with orange – but then i realised they rarely go for boring artwork. remember the moon with the mouth? the marina city buildings? jeff wailing on the inside of being there? it’s always interesting…

right from the start

i haven’t really been impressed with mstrkrft‘s recent output. apart from vuvuvu, and maybe bounce when i’m in a particular kind of mood, nothing on fist of god really grabbed me. but laidback luke can pretty much do no wrong. it’s huge, the pianos are stretched to pieces, the percussion is suitably insane and, well, it’s laidback luke! of course it’s awesome.

MSTRKRFT ft John Legend – Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix) via RCRD LBL

hot rcrd lbl track of the day

unlike many folk out there i haven’t found myself all that enamoured with the fever ray album. i just can’t get into it. but this allez allez remix of triangle walks is really awesome. definitely worth checking out.

see here

and check out this tiny picture: