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chromeo remix megapost

like you ain’t heard, chromeo are playing dublin tomorrow. the last time they played ireland i was busy trying to hassle diplo for an interview, so missed their show. pretty annoyed, but such is life. you know some of the best things with the chromeo name attached are remixes? every time they put something out, they really get the best there is both to complement and to rework their sound.
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there’s no time to lose

they call me pasey pase
don’t make me wait
i go from country to country
and state to state

well you’ve kept us waiting. pase rock’s latest has been a long time coming – nights, produced by xxxchange is a bizarre oddity. it’s a bit wobby, moving from the disco-funk styles he’s used in the past. he’s also eschewed the knowing, humourous style (getting head from punk rock chicks, give me bad brains) for an autotuned party-time vocal.

feel so lonely
i’m tired
i’m tired of being alone

an understandable sentiment, but not one you expected from this dude. that said, the production is ace and the remixes don’t disappoint. nadastrom’s is of the electro-banger variety, while dj spider’s has that hazey, smokey vibe you expect from the likes of the solid bump crew. pick up the single here.


so fucking disco

XXXChange Interview


To say I’m excited about XXXChange‘s upcoming show at Transmission would be a massive understatement. Over the last few years, few other DJs and producers have impressed me as much as this man, as he effortlessly switches genres and styles without ever suffering a drop in quality. He first came to my attention as the producer in chief for Spank Rock‘s Yoyoyoyoyo in 2006, and since then his remixes have been a permanent fixture in any of my sets or mixes. Disco remixes of Pase Rock and Thom Yorke (his own personal favourite); funky reworkings of Björk and CSS; full on rave banger remixes of The Virgins, Bloc Party and Panda Bear. Not to mention his collection of re-edits with buddies Devlin and Darko as part of the Fully Fitted crew.

As a DJ he first caught my attention with the riotous Spank Rock contribution to the Fabriclive series, but it was his guest spot on Tim Sweeney‘s Beats In Space show that truly showed his versatility and willingness to eschew any sense of genrefication. While DJs like Diplo and A-Trak explore genres and throw together hip-hop and electro, XXXChange is more likely to look for some 70s disco or 80s punk. See Voila, his mix with Chris Rockswell. Featuring tracks from ESG and Led Zeppelin alongside Destiny’s Child and, of course, Spank Rock, it is a musical journey unlike any other. Alex himself cites this, alongside Couche Tard, another mix done with Chris, has his favourite mix project. “Hopefully we’ll do another one of these soon. The Fabric one was a royal pain in the butt because you have to license all the songs and we usually like to be pretty free and unrestricted about what material we use, and also we really like to put in a ton of records, which the licensing process doesn’t allow for.”

Since Yoyoyoyoyo his work with Spank Rock has calmed down, as Naeem (Spank Rock’s hyperactive frontman) branched out and worked with Benny Blanco on the 2 Live Crew-influenced Bangers and Cash EP: “I don’t travel with them on tour anymore but I’m still helping out in the studio. Naeem wanted to retain a little more creative control over the project for this album so I’m just trying to help him out whenever he gets stuck.” Which I guess means there’s a new Spank Rock album in the mix – something to look forward to. As for his own solo work, it’s also on the way. “I’m working on a solo LP right now except I seem to be constantly in the studio working on other people’s stuff. so I think it might take quite a while to finish it up.” As well as that there’s a 12” due this summer on Turntable Lab, and if it’s anything like his production work to date it’s something worth waiting for.

While his own work hits the blogs on a regular basis, there’s an abundance of material splattered across the internet almost every day. How is it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff when there’s so much to get through? “I think the amount of stuff that’s worth checking out is about the same as it’s always been. Since most of us find out about music from the internet the absolute glut of information can be overwhelming. I find it’s a bit easier to just wait a few months and see what rises to the top, see what people are still talking about. Obviously with DJing you need to be on top of new music so it’s nice to find a few good sources to filter the information for you, there’s a few good music blogs and also you can look at different DJ’s playlists, whose taste you trust, to find out about new stuff too.”

Surely someone like XXXChange will be a little but more discerning than most: “As far as what it takes to impress me it’s just when you hear someone doing something original and taking risks etc. I’m not really interested in scenes.”

When it comes to his own DJ sets, Alex takes each night as it comes. “Usually I just try and play stuff that I’m feeling at the moment! But of course it depends on who’s in the room. In Europe I usually end up playing more electro and house type stuff which you can’t always do in the US.” So I guess that means that come Saturday, we’ll be hearing more rave than slow-burning disco. And you know, who ever said that was a bad thing.

Meanwhile, check out these XXXChange mixes, one put together just this month, and another live in the mix on Authentic Shit, enjoy the laughs from Eli, Pasey Pase and angry man Rocktacon.

XXXChange Live In The Mix on Authentic Shit, East Village Radio 2008-08-01
XXXChange – Quickie Mix 2009-06-05

mix of the weekend 4

stretch armstrong just threw together a two hour mix/radio show for east village radio, stream it here. it kicks off with about 20 minutes of quality 80s hip-hop before slamming into the 21st century with some rye rye, an awesome track by blaq starr and pase rock, and even diplo‘s marc houle/ward 21 mashup. apparently you’re not hip-hop if you don’t know all the words to braggin’ and boastin’… get learning.

always up for something twisted…

last month i posted an awesome ttl interview with eli escobar, haido’s hero du jour. earlier this evening pasey pase tweeted about eli interviewing stretch armstrong, a new york dj who’s been around forever, and was responsible for breaking records like live at the barbecue and halftime. he’s so sage, i guess it comes with having grey stubble or something… seriously though, it’s a long read, but well worth it.

Sadly, most djs who use [serato], and that’s most djs, don’t know the first thing about sound fidelity, and they will play files that sound like ass. I won’t keep anything in my computer that is less than 192kbps. It’s not fun hearing a 128kbps mp3 blasting through a sound system. So I’d say that it’s a great convenience for real djs but at the same time has cheapened djing.

armand, a-trak, stretch and dj am

armand, a-trak, stretch and dj am

how to toe the line between homegirl and art fag

everyone’s favourite potty-mouthed hipster rapper is finally about to release an album. she’s had guest spots on tracks with spank rock, pase rock, santigold, fully fitted and more, and finally we’ll get to hear amanda blank all on her lonesome. i blogged about her new track might like you better just the other day, and now she’s got a pretty hilarious interview on the fader.

check out news on i love you, her tips on making the perfect pregnant suit, and why lil wayne should lock up his bunny rabbit.