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i open myself to extreme possibilities

i was a little bit annoyed when i got that email from ninja tune earlier on, the one announcing that they were giving away coldcut‘s journeys by dj mix for free. i first heard of this mix in 2001 when i read about the jdj series in a magazine that i believe was called seven. it told of this excellent string of releases from the mid-90s, put together by the cream of the uk’s djing talent, guys who are still on top of their game like justin robertson, john digweed and pete heller (with terry farley), as well as people who are now, eh, well let’s just say they wouldn’t be cup of tea (ahem judge jules and paul oakenfold [though the first disc of oakey’s new york gu mix is still pretty special]).
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a sunny day

i’m not sure why, but this track has been in my head a lot the past while. i think at the right moment it could work on some balmy night this summer – watch this space. i first came across it on a free cd with muzik back in 01, back when everything roger sanchez touched seemed to turn to gold, but it was on yoshiesque 2 later that year that it really made sense to me. i think i’ll be digging out that mix pretty soon actually. for now, enjoy it in the sunshine, while it lasts. oh and disregard the e, it’s just called samba

one louder

i was in town one afternoon in early july 2003. i had to drop something to the department of education for my brother. in the evening i met my friend to go to a play written by a friend of ours. in the interim, i picked up muzik magazine – it had p diddy on the cover! his much-lauded let’s get ill was, apparently, about to reshape the dance music universe. well, with the benefit of hindsight, we all know that never happened…

more important was the free cd that came with the magazine. i think i’d heard of the dj, erol alkan, a few months previously in the sunday times magazine, as one to watch. those profiles are all well and good, but mean nothing if you can’t hear what he’s about. this cd changed all that. the section of my diary entry (yes, i keep a diary) concerning the magazine read as follows: “Got Muzik with cool electro stylee cd.” if you forgive me for using the word stylee, you’ll understand what the relevance was. up to this point, i had moved from euphoria-style trance in the late 90s, to global underground and renaissance in the early 00s. a little of funky house had entered my sphere but not so much that i’d ever be tempted to enter that world permanently. this erol alkan chap helped redefine the sounds i was listening to. i must mention james lavelle, whose gu022 had ventured outside the prog-house mould and belatedly introduced me to the likes of dj shadow, as well as the solo work of thomas bangalter. i also got to know the beast that is unkle – but that’s a story for another day. this is about erol.

unfortunately i wouldn’t see erol in the flesh until 2006, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. once i was sick. once he played the trinity ball and i couldn’t find him. once he was playing just hours before i flew to prague. once i was in america. and so on. when i finally did see him, i wrote this.

you’ve read a lot to get this point. now you can just enjoy the mix.

Erol Alkan presents One Louder

01 Playgroup – Make It Happen (Zongamin Mix) (Edit)
02 Mitsu – Hush
03 Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Night Version)
04 The Faint – The Conductor (Thin White Duke Remix) (Edit)
05 Codec & Flexor – Crazy Girls Make My Heart Go Boom Boom
06 Headman – It Rough (Chicken Lips Mix)
07.a Goldfrapp/Benny Benassi – Train (Ewan Pearson Dub Mix)/Satisfaction (Acappella)
08 Grand Popo Football Club – Men Are Not Nice Guys (Goldrun Remix)
09 Tom Gillieron and Ravi McArthur – Now It’s Dark
10 Kiko/Alex Gopher – Italomatic (Kiko & The Hacker Remix)/Party People (Acappella)
11 Ferenc – Yes Sir I Can Hardcore
12 Archigram – Doggystyle
13 Uminski – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

more roland and bob moog


click to enlarge. sadly that’s it from these guys – unless anyone out there wants to hit me up with some more robot/man/muzik-based hilarity.

roland and bob moog


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first-time hit

i’m listening to a mix-up of leftfield goodies by my homie doc savage aka dj vorn and i’m thinking about leftfield and their place in the minds of their fans. i still remember how i first got into leftism.

i had seen open up on tv in the early 90s and was kind of a bit freaked out, but then i came across it again on the third installment of the euphoria series, coming after solar stone‘s remix of matt darey‘s from russia with love. all of a sudden it made sense! in 2001 i came across melt, again on a euphoria cd, and i remember someone playing it for me on a school trip to greece and telling me it was the weirdest song in the world. i was like, yeah i know it. but it wasn’t until 2002 that i got the album, and i still remember the first time i listened to it. i had picked up a copy of muzik and leftism was listed in their piece on summer albums so i figured it would work as holiday music.

i was on a bus on my way to taizé, still drunk from a ridiculous afternoon session in london, and i decided to lash on the cd – this is before the ipod days remember. the opening seconds of release the pressure, so haunting and beautiful – “it’s the music from the o2 ads!” – the epiphany made me simply ecstatic. but then – at 1.55 – it turns ragga! in my inebriated state i was baffled, confused, and a little disappointed that the opening section didn’t last longer. but i grew to love it. it’s impossible not to really. while each and every track on the album has its place, the other one that really stood out on that particular trip was original. i don’t know why, but i can still hear it when i think of the lengthy nap i had in stansted as we waited for our flight home. the muzik piece really summed it up when it said “what can you say about leftism that hasn’t already been said?” there are literally no words to sum up how good it is.

a few years later i had a discussion with someone about “my leftism summer,” and she said that everyone she knew had a leftism summer. then on the release of a final hit, i read a review in connected that said pretty much the same thing! it’s the only way… so with the onset of this good weather (long may it continue), check out this mix from doc. awesome stuff.

Dj Vorn – Leftfield….Another Hit Pt 2

Date: 07/05/09

Location: Dallas

Duration: 83mins

BPM: 128/137


1) Song For Life (Dj Vorn Edit)
2) Illumination (Vanden Plas Remix)*
3) Illumination*
4) Not Forgotten (Dj Vorn Edit)
5) Afro Ride (Dj Vorn Edit)*
6) Dub Gussett (Maas Remix)
7) Dub Gusset* (Original Mix)
8) Double Flash (Headstarter Remix)*
9) Double Flash (Original Mix)*
10) Snakeblood
11) Shallow Grave*
12) Storm 3000 (Original Mix)
13) Storm 3000 (Derek Dah Large Future Sound Of Great Britain Mix)*
14) Black Flute*
15) Filter Fish*
16) Space Shanty (Dj Vorn Edit)
17) Phat Planet (Dj Vorn Edit)
18) Open Up (Dj Vorn Edit)
19) 21st Century Poem

* Denotes an edit