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what’s my name?!


fake blood, fake blood. i guess he needs to introduction, and he’s been blogged to death, but hey i’m going to talk about him anyway. you know he does that thing in his remixes where he cuts up the original track to make it sound like the artist is saying fake blood? at the field day afterparty i heard him play a track which had a fake blood drop that sounded like it was created just out of noise. no vocals. no idea what it was though. for now, these are my favourites. you could say the calvin harris drop is a bit lazy, making use as it does of harris saying “blood” – but he’d be a fool to do it any other way!
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girl if it’s alright, 110%

it was a tough call picking this mix of the weekend. there’s another one floating about the internets that i haven’t been able to download due to link issues, but when i can it will get a special mention here. so instead i have a mix that was heralded a while back, but just surfaced today. i could say something, but the man himself has already put together a spiel on his site so i’ll let mr skratch bastid take it away.


Here it is. The mix you’ve all been waiting for! In the vein of my two most recent mixes, “Get Up!” & “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, I’ve put together a 60+ minute mix of hip-hop, disco, dancehall and all things funky: a sure shot from start to finish. “110%” gives you just that; squeezing in more energy than humanly possible into the tightest collection of mixes the Bastid can bring. Fresh for summer ‘09.

Contained within are my 3 most recent remixes (Wale f/Lady Gaga, Ciara & Justin Timberlake, Major Lazer f/Santigold and Mr. Lexx) as well as plenty of new routines; 3 of which I have filmed live footage for. The first one I am releasing is posted below: my James Brown “I Got You (I Feel Good)” routine. This is one of the highlights of my mix! Pass it along and tell a friend. And make sure to check out the track list. But above all, make sure you have a listen. The devil is in the details.

For this mix, I have decided to post it up for download at 192 kbps. Since the days of cassette mixtapes, I’ve always been releasing and selling my mixes as a way of funding my record collection and giving me resources to make more mixes. I am still releasing full quality (WAV) mix CDs for all my listeners wanting the best sounding mix to bump in your car or at home. But let’s face it: any music geek with mild google skills (I’m looking at you) can find my releases online at foreign country blogs or on torrents. I’d rather you come to me for my stuff, right? So. I’m giving you the option to donate if you feel you would like to pay for my mix. Any amount you like, via paypal. You don’t have to, but it would be nice! I work really hard on these things, and it goes towards helping me purchase music and find the time to make more mixes. Here are your options:

1) Grab the new 110% CD at the store. All orders will be processed that day and shipped out ASAP. Check the rest of the store for more Bastid goodies.

2) Download the 110% mix. And feel free to donate.

Skratch Bastid – 110%

me chewns

so here’s my set from last night. i’m going to be a bit arrogant and make it my mix of the weekend. ha. check here for a tracklist. quiet night out tonight, if that’s possible. rainy dublin + friday night = streets jammed with taxis. hmmph.

haido – Soundcheck 2009-06-25

Soundcheck Poster June 25

mix of the weekend 3


i must admit i found this via the fader and subsequently nah right. i was initially intrigued by this image of weezy spewing gold like santi, and then even more intrigued by what i read on terry urban‘s blog:

Hello world…
This is your friendly neighborhood deejay, Terry Urban… blogging live on ThePressPlayShow.com

As many of you know, I’ve been preparing to releasing an exciting mixtape this summer called Southerngold.

Basically, me mixing my favorite Southern rap vocals over remixed samples of my favorite Santigold influenced samples and tracks…
I may be biased, but to be honest, it turned out quite cool, as many of you who downloaded the teaser leak (f/ Chip Tha Ripper) can attest…

However, as I am about to release my mix on the internet tonight… literally, I am sitting at my desk in Brooklyn uploading the mix to YouSendIt.com… I get a cease and desist from lawyers at Santigold’s label… Downtown Records…

Now, my friends on these internets, I ask you this: Why is this happening?

I’m not selling this… I’m not making a dime… I’m encouraging everyone to BUY Santigold’s album… and I’m helping to expand her fan base to new markets… in addition, none of these songs are as they would appear on her actual album… EVERYTHING is remixed and redone… so there is no competition with her actual in-stores album (which is dope…go buy it… two copies!)

Is Downtown Records not aware of the influence deejay culture has made on Santi’s career? All the deejays who have made homemade remixes and re-edits that have gotten play in clubs across the world? It’s not like commercial radio was embracing her music when she dropped. It was the progressive deejay, the same deejays who make remixes and mashups and support avant-garde creative music!

It’s ironic that Downtown Records biggest group was signed due to a project with similar ambitions… Gnarls Barkley’s Danger Mouse with The Grey Album.

So… I ask you… what should I do?

And if you know Santi personally… can you ask her for me? Why is she shutting down the very deejays who will support her to the very end? Her first single was called “Creator” yet they shut down the very people who create?

I wonder if she is even aware of this bureaucracy behind this…

It’s crazy… and I hope soon that the world can hear the project I created in honor of Santigold…

Terry Urban

Ps. My friends… a parable for you on this evening: If Santigold truly wants Brooklyn To Go Hard, and I’m a Brooklyn resident trying to Go Hard… and she shuts it down, is Brooklyn, by default, not going hard?

now typical responses are either “this is bull” or “it’s her music and you’re using it without permission”. there doesn’t really seem to be a right answer but at the end of the day, urban, santi and downtown just got a whole load of publicity.


the sun is shining, exams are over, life is sweet! going to edinburgh tomorrow so will have to leave the blog behind, so i will say today that this is my mix of the weekend.

over on blah blah blah in flagranti have thrown together a “an irreverent balance of disco, sex, dirt, distortion and tounge-in-cheek humor, all wrapped up in a gritty 70’s aesthetic,” or so says the blog. and who am i to disagree?

the details of the tracklist leave a little to be desired but the mix itself is top notch. check it out here. what better way to greet the sunshine?

mix of the weekend


figured i should start some sort of weekly thing. finding this new mix is the perfect opportunity. canadian dj neoteric is heading down under for a tour of australia and new zealand and in advance of same he’s put together a banger of a mix. something for the weekend.

01 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (Erol Alkan Rework)
02 – Don Diablo – Too Cool For Schook (Trevor Loveys Remix)
03 – Lele – Breakfast (Kill the Noise Remix)
04 – Major Lazer – Lazer Theme (Smoke & Mirrors Remix)
05 – Gingy & Bumpdat$hit – Warehouse Bang
06 – Act Yo Age ft Drop the Lime – Night of the Horneadz
07 – Blaqstarr – Get Off (Jack Beats Remix)
08 – Lorcan Mak – Gypsy Bum
09 – The Body Snatchers – I Like What I See (Hijack Mix)
10 – Nadastrom – Squarez
11 – Rico Tubbs – Boom Riddim (Sharkslayer Remix)
12 – Kelevra – Love You (Jamie Fanatic Mad Mix)
13 – Jamie Fanatic – Programmed
14 – Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix)
15 – Black Noise – Knock You Out (Andy George Remix)
16 – Radioclit – Divine Gosa (Kevstar’s Latin Remix)
17 – Alvaro – Make It Funky
18 – Groovewatchers – Sexy Girl (DJ Chuckie Remix)
19 – Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie – Moombah (Afrojack Remix)
20 – SonicC – Stickin’
21 – Diplo & Laidback Luke – Hey!
22 – Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists (Arvenee + Misk Edit)
23 – Sound of Stereo – Jack My Trombone

here are the dates

3/6 The Wall – Sydney
4/6 FBI Radio 94.5 6-8pm – Sydney
5/6 Civic Hotel – Newcastle
6/6 We Love Sounds Festival – Sydney
6/6 Locodisco – Nevermind – Sydney
9/6 Bedroom Night Club – Gold Coast
13/6 Euro Trash Bar – Melbourne
17/6 Kiss FM – Melbourne – 6.30-8pm
19/6 Hope Bros- Wellington, NZ
20/6 Cassette Number 9 – Auckland, NZ