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i like to hit it early, like i’m in a hurry

chromeo turned into a pretty late one on thursday, and i was in work at 10.30 this morning, so i was never going to be able to stay long at sidetracked last night. i did make sure to play some fun tunes though. daire was pretty excited that i was playing a haçienda-style set, though with classixx and missy elliott in there it was never going to be totally mad(chester). daire asked me to make a mix out of these tunes, and, time permitting, i might just do it. Continue reading

hot boyz

i’ve just been reminded of the awesome over-the-top-ness of missy’s late-90s early-00s videos, almost exclusively directed by hype williams. take hot boyz for example. smokey abandoned spaces that look like mad max but everyone’s wearing their freshest, gaudiest gear, well, except for timbo, who seems to be standing up on the podium in some sort of christmas cardigan. and mouthing along about how great “hot boyz” are. Continue reading