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who said djs have no sense of humour?

there’s not really much to say about this mix, other than that’s A) brilliant and B) hilarious.

a few tips

blah blah pon de foley, blah blah chromeo x tiga.

ok now that those two are out of the way, check this out. another track on rcrd lbl that you might have missed is from la-based them jeans. it’s called tips, and there’s something really quite special. the various subgenres of dance music seem to each be following a particular path when it comes to the inherent sonic textures. them jeans is going down a completely different route. i’m hearing things i’ve never heard before. that’s rare. the theme sounds almost like the imperial march, but it’s put together in such a way that i’m finding it difficult to describe it. underneath this darth vader wowee theme there’s a dark, smoky vibe that’s reminiscent of nadastrom, it’s housey, it’s groovy, it’s a winner.

Them Jeans – Tips

another track that’s caught my attention is a remix by a guy called john howes. the original track, by vanstrom, is called smith n wesson and it’s a dark, heavy techy affair, almost in jokers of the scene territory. howes takes it down a notch. it’s a bit slower, it’s got these delightful his and claps, and the taxi driver sample, rather than seeming less appropriate than it does on the angry snarling monster, is lent an air of mournfulness and despair. the slow, simple disco theme, i don’t want to use the term plods, but it bounces along at a leisurely pace without seeming forced. more tortoise than hare if you get me.

for a mug, it’s pretty decent

Perfect for fanboys or really anyone that wants a little bit of rave with their coffee and eggs in the morning.

squeaky bleeps and whatnot


just recently i finished a sort of mix battle thing with a young lad from london by the name of ben white. you know, mix some tracks together, send them to him, he’ll mix on a few afterwards and so forth. we did one in june, and then another last month. well really it was september but i only finished it last week. my bad. i thought it turned out pretty well. i was really taken aback by how fresh his tracks were – apart from one or two i had never heard of most of the artists he used, let alone the tracks themselves. he’s also one of the guys behind the squeaky bleeps blog – so he knows his stuff.

a couple of months ago he had a grimey dubstep remix of asher roth’s risible i love college featured on the mad decent blog, and his productions have only come on since then. waves is a chilled out garage track in the old mj cole vein, and while i don’t really think there’s any point in remixing pon de floor (and the winner of the mad decent comp there was pretty dreadful) ben’s effort takes it into a whole new territory – the aforementioned old school garage – and gives it a new lease of life. he’s also put together a mix which is bursting with vibrant energy – everything i listen to at the moment is good, but this is just explosive.

Ben White – Waves
Major Lazer – Pon De Flor (Ben White Remix)
Ben White – November 09

FLYING LOTUS // Disco Balls
El-B // Serious
LA ROUX // Quicksand (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
SDUK // Dapper Derek
SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO // Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
GEMMY// Rainbow Road
YEAH YEAH YEAHS // Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
BOY 8-BIT // Baltic Pine (GreenMoney’s Baltic Porn Remix)
BAT FOR LASHES // Pearl’s Dream (Skream Remix)
2000F & J KAMATA // You Don’t Know What Love Is
SILVERLINK FEAT BADNESS & JAMMER // The Message Is Love (Mumdance Remix)
UNTOLD // Discipline
IKONIKA // Smuck
JAMIE WOON // Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix)

lather up!

i really love chromeo. needy girl is one of the best songs in recent years, their remixes of feist and treasure fingers are simply wondrous, and watching them in interviews they just come across as the coolest dudes around. then i saw this.

yes, there they are on yo gabba gabba! extolling the virtues of cleanliness, managing to make even washing your hands cool (or sexy, if you’re a girl). i was wandering through myspace today and i found the above track in their player. they call it yo gabba joint, but i’ve renamed it very clean boy. oh yeah.

Chromeo – Very Clean Boy

also shout out to ben white of squeaky bleeps for getting his asher roth remix featured on the mad decent blog. holla!