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a fat guy in a t-shirt doing all the singing

so last night i ended up getting some last-minute tickets to lcd soundsystem in tripod. i’ve never seen the place so full. i had a spot directly behind the sound desk and couldn’t move from start to finish. i hate to be that guy but the lines “people don’t dance no more, they just stand there like this, they cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and diss” could kind of have been written about me. i won’t moan about or diss the band. not one bit. the show was awesome. i bopped a little bit. but i don’t get this whole hurling drinks and glo-sticks in the air business. last night’s crowd was wild. i guess maybe it was the positive expression of the pain felt by a disenfranchised and angry youth, given the fraught situation the nation is in. but then again, at €40+ a pop for tickets, and three sold-out shows, i doubt this youth was the most disenfranchised. but that’s moot i suppose. everyone is angry. and this isn’t that kind of blog.

last night’s show was magnificent – inspiring musicianship, unflappable focus, genuine humility in the face of overwhelming adulation, and a true sense of unparallelled joy in performance. and off stage, i really feel i have to mention how great the lights were. with a show like that you could just have spotlights and the odd strobe, but the variety, innovation and, dare i say it, humour of the lighting was definitely a highlight. the people at tonight’s show (hopefully) got to miss the bullshit bailout conference earlier, for a night of fall-of-the-empire abandon. so this is a volte face, forget what i said at the start. dance yrself clean.


shit robot is in town to support lcd soundsystem every night this weekend at tripod, and then back next week with underworld in the rds.

when you’ve nothing good to blog about……….

post some cool artwork

can we talk electric picnic?

i’ve been going since 2006. i missed the hallowed “best gig ever” that was arcade fire in 2005, and while i don’t regret it per se, it smarts when people go on about it. i had a magic time in 06, even though i didn’t really see that many life-changing performances. but hey, at festivals, you rarely do.

07 was special too, but again, performance wise it wasn’t out of this world. i think dancing around like a loon with friends to dj mehdi in the bacardi tent before unkle was probably a highlight. for some reason there was something missing in 08 and 09. last year in particular i wasn’t what you might call “festival fit”, so my enjoyment on the whole was affected.

this year, unlike others, i’m not planning on being a complete nazi with regards to catching this band and that dj (though there are a few standouts that i’ll be mad if i don’t see). instead i want to just have the buzz, and though for me a festival is all about the bands, i’m going to try and see what this whole “spirit of the festival” experience is like. that said, these are the acts i really want to see (youtubes after the jump).
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get down with the philly sound

i’ve really been feeling an older sort of sound lately. there’s only so far electro can take you right now, so along with new albums from unkle, lcd soundsystem and holy f*ck, i’ve really been digging this compilation put together by dimitri from paris. it brings together some great disco-before-disco tracks, a load of gorgeous teddy pendergrass (rip) songs, both solo and with harold melvin and the blue notes, and then, on disc two, dimitri goes one better and puts his own stamp on them all. my own personal favourite is his rework of the trammps’ the night the lights went out. see more snippets on his soundclouds, and check out the wicked videos on the album’s site.

The Trammps- The Night The Lights Went Out A Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit (snippet) by dfp

along similar lines then, i was delighted to find this boot in my inbox from the good people of solid bump. white girl lust went and put together an edit of prince’s wanna be your lover for sxsw, and now they’ve shared it with the rest of the world. go forth and multiply.

Wanna Be Your Lover (White Girl Lust’s Bump Mix) by White Girl Lust

norwegian wood

my weekend (and some) in oslo was a bizarre experience. i don’t know where to begin really. well, i’ll start here. whatever else happened over the weekend, that lent it a nice glossy sheen. it wasn’t that it wasn’t a great weekend, it was just a weird one. oslo is weird, man.

friday, we kind of got to grips with things. like the cost of everything. damn! two drinks for €20, ok. wow. well, it was never going to be a boozy holiday, we don’t really do that together for some reason. ah well. saturday, we checked out the small but charming film museum, as well as the astrup fearnley museum of modern art. one of the most striking pieces of work here was michael jackson and bubbles, a striking sculpture by jeff koons. it really has to be seen to be believed. we also took a wander on, over and around the relatively newly built opera house. it’s a beautiful building, and, despite some fears of slipping, probably my favourite thing in the city.

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dublin loves you too…