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mix of the weekend 4

stretch armstrong just threw together a two hour mix/radio show for east village radio, stream it here. it kicks off with about 20 minutes of quality 80s hip-hop before slamming into the 21st century with some rye rye, an awesome track by blaq starr and pase rock, and even diplo‘s marc houle/ward 21 mashup. apparently you’re not hip-hop if you don’t know all the words to braggin’ and boastin’… get learning.

when you’re in my hut you know what’s up


big tings from fool’s gold today. i was just listening to the bake sale for the first time in a while yesterday, and now chuck and mikey are back with a new mixtape, gone fishing. you can catch it at the fool’s gold blog, but props to fader freeload too. also have a look at my interview/show review from last year.

more fool’s gold madness comes in the shape of a kid sister/treasure fingers reworking of the CLASSIC jungle brothers jam i’ll house you. the first time i came across this track was actually the hitmen remix back in ’98. at this stage it’s kind of hard for me to separate the two because the remix is the one i know best, with its massive falling down the stairs break, but i really love the optimo cowbells that perforate the original. and whatever happened to hitmen? according to discogs, nothing

Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You ’98 (Hitmen Radio Edit)
Kid Sister – I’ll House You (Reebok Classic ’09)