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a few tips

blah blah pon de foley, blah blah chromeo x tiga.

ok now that those two are out of the way, check this out. another track on rcrd lbl that you might have missed is from la-based them jeans. it’s called tips, and there’s something really quite special. the various subgenres of dance music seem to each be following a particular path when it comes to the inherent sonic textures. them jeans is going down a completely different route. i’m hearing things i’ve never heard before. that’s rare. the theme sounds almost like the imperial march, but it’s put together in such a way that i’m finding it difficult to describe it. underneath this darth vader wowee theme there’s a dark, smoky vibe that’s reminiscent of nadastrom, it’s housey, it’s groovy, it’s a winner.

Them Jeans – Tips

another track that’s caught my attention is a remix by a guy called john howes. the original track, by vanstrom, is called smith n wesson and it’s a dark, heavy techy affair, almost in jokers of the scene territory. howes takes it down a notch. it’s a bit slower, it’s got these delightful his and claps, and the taxi driver sample, rather than seeming less appropriate than it does on the angry snarling monster, is lent an air of mournfulness and despair. the slow, simple disco theme, i don’t want to use the term plods, but it bounces along at a leisurely pace without seeming forced. more tortoise than hare if you get me.

potato man…

where the hell have you been?!

my first glimspe of the o2. it did fill up.

my first glimspe of the o2. it did fill up.

so i went to spandau ballet in the o2. tony hadley dedicated true to stephen gately (rip). the whole crowd sang along (as much because it’s the band’s most famous song as anything else) and what was amazing was that i could still hear the band properly. maybe that was because i was two rows from the back, but anyway, i was still impressed.

Rui Da Silva – Touch Me (Samples Spandau Ballet’s Chant No. 1)

friday night i hit the button factory for the ed banger night – i was hoping so me would be kind of kooky and weird, but he wasn’t that far outside of the ed banger mould. breakbot played some cool tunes, as did busy p. unfortunately i had to leave a little bit early so missed most of feadz‘s set, though what i did hear was excellent as usual – such as a bmore version of the tetris theme (!) and bangalter’s outrun.

the following night i paid a visit to oktoberfest at chq, which was, in a word, surreal. there was a big hall, there were lots of benches and long tables, and a LOT of paulaner. that much i expected. i didn’t expect the chant/refrain of german nonsense, or hearing cotton eye joe, macarena and lots of dj otzi.

what was less surreal was jokers of the scene at colortv in wax. that was just great. except for the “random” body search on the way in – i’m thinking of getting this tee in protest. but that aside, it was awesome. the boys played a fantastic set – it was full of excellent techno, most of which i didn’t recognise, but it was expertly peppered with some of their own productions and remixes. it would have been easy for them to close on the unstoppable baggy bottom boys but they just kept on going. excellent stuff.

not the best photo ever taken of jokers of the scene

not the best photo ever taken of jokers of the scene

so today and yesterday i took it easy. i watched some generation kill, some peep show, and finally finished watching let the right one in. i liked it, less than the book (as is generally the case), but i thought it was an interesting and faithful, if hugely condensed, adaptation. i thought the book was exceptional in its detail, while the film was impressive by virtue of its use of vague suggestion and implication – brush strokes rather than minute detail.

this weekend i’m looking forward to the juan maclean, in flagranti and the field at tripod, and then i’m supporting mustard pimp on saturday at transmission. i’d love to be hitting some of the deaf nights, but alas i’m working almost every day so i don’t want to spread myself too thin! i did this weekend and it’s tough going. i’m getting old…

final word – check out the delancey music service on east village radio tonight – or later in the week on eli‘s blog. last week he and stretch played some wicked tunes, as well as interviewing amanda blank. get on it.


this week’s top 10

do i really need to come up with a different title each week? stress.

1 In Flagranti – How Did The Affair End?
2 Joakim – Watermelon Bubblicious
3 MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker (Featuring John Legend)(Laidback Luke Remix)
4 BURNS – Turbo (Jokers of The Scene Remix)
5 The Young Lovers – You Make Me Dizzy
6 Wilco – Bull Black Nova
7 Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Version)
8 Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
9 Photek – Into The 90s
10 Wamdue Project – King of My Castle (Original Version)

i’m back

i’ve been completely slacking on my blog this week, but hey i took some time off after exams and then had to pack up a year of my life and get the flock out of preston. so i have to re-up on my innanet game, forgive me. i just got this banging joe and will ask? remix of milke, it’s a huge summery synthy monster that will probably go down a treat at festivals across europe this summer. check it out here. i know i said i’d have the interview i did with these guys up a while back but everything seems to have gotten in the way – tomorrow! for definite.

there are so many good gigs coming up in dublin, it’s insane – probably not a good time for me to come back if i want to be in any way productive, but oh well. it’s looking like this (and i can’t even make all of these):

june 5 – shadow dancer (live), kennedy’s
june 5 – kormac and dj yoda @ mud, the twisted pepper
june 5 – style of eye, think tank
june 6 – jokers of the scene @ transmission, the button factory
june 6 – jesse rose @ pogo, the twisted pepper
june 12 – dj falcon @ drop, wax/spy
june 13 – optimo & shock all day party @ toejam, the bernard shaw (free!)
june 13 – joe and will ask? @ transmission, the button factory
june 13 – optimo @ pogo, the twisted pepper
june 20 – âme @ pogo, the twisted pepper
june 27 – xxxchange @ transmission, the button factory

i just can’t deal with all of this. i guess it all comes down to who will give me guestlist 😉 also major props to shock aka jon averill who has a major hand in many of the above gigs. what a dude.

ps go out and vote tomorrow!

boo boo

i live on the eighth floor here, and for the last month or so i’ve taken to walking down the stairs and getting the lift up. this means that on my downward journeys i sometimes get a bit dizzy, as i tend to hurry just a little bit. what made matters worse earlier, as i went to collect my clothes from the dryer across the courtyard, was the stench of lynx africa. hmmm… anyway, here’s a weird pic of dj ayres… maybe he can smell the lynx too.

i hate transcribing interviews. so painstakingly boring. well no the actual interview itself is interesting, but listening to it over and over again? not so much…


WHOA – jokers of the scene remix of rob threezy on the fader. i’m very excited about seeing these guys soon. check it.