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noria pt ii

since i’m on that slow disco tip right now, figured i’d keep going in that direction… as you probably know i’ve been a big fan of myd’s work since he showed up on my radar back in august. proper exciting ravey stuff with tribal leanings and a big dose of fun. one such track was noria, which i blogged in november. this one was almost angry and uplifting at the same time, so i was eager to hear what the hit meteor remix, featured on the club cheval blog today, would sound like. well, it’s on a different planet. it slows down the main riff to a pumping disco groove, with a deep and suggestive bassline. it’s got this weird mid-section that has spacey-echoey sounds over which sit a sort of bright eyes-esque telephone conversation, which is subsequently chopped to pieces over grinding industrial effects – it’s not called carpenter remix for nothing.

EDIT: excuse me… further listens reveal blade runner samples…

check it out.

also, i was horrified when i first heard owl city’s fireflies – i felt like i’d just eaten a bag of sugar. but this leo zero remix is pretty awesome – enough reverb to make the original vocals almost indiscernible, and add a whopping 80s kick and some delightful syncopated synths. you can see a preview here.

or maybe hear me play it tonight 😉