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double win

february 15 2011 – can you wait?


because xxxchange needs all the blog love he can get!

i featured ghostdad’s acid yazz last week (which is still super awesome and features xxxchange tracks such as his remix of charlotte gainsbourg) and now i wanna draw your attention to a new project from xxxchange, ghostdad and devlin. they’ve done a new track under the name win win, which is a pretty appropriate moniker. the track is called releaserpm (no i’ve no idea either), and it features vocals from lizzi bougatsos, who if you don’t know is a member of gang gang dance. remember what i said? win win. the track is hosted on the fader, and got a mention on p4k, but it needs our attention because…..

never think that dudes, NEVER…

the music just turns me on

girl talk has a new album out! hurrah! uh, no, fuck that. i can’t even download the damn thing. if you want something to really mess with your head, check out acid yazz from ghostdad. it’s in a similar vein as xxxchange and devlin‘s voila (only the second-best mix ever) in that it’s in short, distinct yet vaguely related segments. each section is aptly named, and it’s got stuff you really should know (bowie, um, vampire weekend) and stuff you’ve probably never heard before (pretty much everything else). it’s an amazing listening experience, enjoyable not just because you’re waiting to hear what comes next. now trust me, i’m not solely celebrating this mix against a backdrop of girl talk hate though. this is awesome on its own two, but in today’s context it stands out even more. you can listen below, or pay with a tweet. do it – it’s worth it.
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what’s that buzzing sound?

you must be living under a rock if you don’t know what a vuvuzela is. a week into the world cup, they’ve generated more discussion than the football itself. even non-football fans are ranting about them, calling for them to be banned or joining hilarious facebook groups somehow vuvu-related. there’s been a lot of talk hovering across the internet suggesting that the vuvu drone should be sampled, and this is the first one i’ve come across.

it was put together by ghostdad, of the fully fitted fam, and it’s suitably frenetic and exciting. there’s even a crying baby in there, no doubt aggravated by the incessant sound of the horn. for what it’s worth, i think they add some colour to the games, though i just can’t be certain if i can hear them deep in my mind late at night as i lie awake in fear…..

Vuvuzela Beat by Ghostdad

in other news, check out this new track da bee by polish upstar deCtar. it’s described by its creator as “Annoying piece of shit”, but i think its use of that whining bee sound is interesting, inventive and lots of fun. check it out.

deCtar – Da bee by deCtar