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telephoned, tella friend

last year at my first show at transmission i busted out telephoned’s pop champagne. i wasn’t sure about it, but it got a huge response. then the awesome duo of sammy bananas and maggie horn made that awesome mixtape. and now they’re sending out free tracks. so cool. this is one i definitely want to play tomorrow. it’s a remix/cover of kid sister’s daydreaming, featuring elements of dreams by the cranberries. but in a nice, subtle way. it’s also got some delicious marimba-type riddims, so given the lovely weather we’ve been having lately, it’s the perfect herald of summer time.

Kid Sister – Daydreaming (Telephoned Dreams Version)

rockin’ that thang

telephoned telafrend twentyten

i was watching the uk top 40 on mtv earlier and i was pretty disheartened. i guess it’s easy to fall into that trap of caring what is successful and what most people are listening to, but it’s great that even so, people are still out there making great music. i mean, yeah, replay sucks, and it’s pretty regressive to have two different renditions of don’t stop believing in the chart right now, but who cares? i was having a conversation about montell jordan the other night, and how much we all loved this is how we do it and get it on tonite. the next day one of the people i was talking to posted donell jones’s u know what’s up on my facebook. how come the pop/r’n’b we get in the charts these days isn’t nearly as good?!

it’s a bit late to be blogging about it, but i’m really loving the telephoned mixtape – i got such a good reaction when i played pop champagne back in august, i’ve been waiting for more from these guys since. this mixtape, ostensibly an ad for their debut ep on fool’s gold. their shtick is that they cover pop, r’n’b and electro tracks and rework them in a damn funky dancefloor style that is irresistably enjoyable. we’ve got a southern crunk style cover of use somebody, a funky house version of breakfast, and we’ve even got the xx meets calabria. just try not to enjoy it. it is, quite literally, off the hook.

Telephoned – Off The Hook

big tings

this is my third kid sister post in a week. suffice to say i’m pretty excited about her album, which now, at last, after months and years of expectation, finally has a release date. october 6th :/ ok so that part isn’t cool, but hey, it’s on its way right?! all we need now is some artwork.

from fool’s gold:

The much lauded superstar in the making, Kid Sister, is releasing her long-anticipated debut album, Ultraviolet, on October 6th on Downtown Records. When Kid Sister (aka Melisa Young) turned in her album, originally titled Dream Date, in September of 2008, she pulled a daring move and asked Downtown to hold off on releasing it.

“There were a few things about the album that irked me…the album wasn’t cohesive”, Young told Pitchfork in an interview earlier this year. Downtown allowed her some time to make the album what she wanted, and she went back to work with executive producer A-Trak and the rest of the creative team behind Fool’s Gold. The result is the stunning Ultraviolet. The album is a landmark, merging electronic music and club rap in ways that have never been done before. The album includes production by some of the most sought after, cutting edge producers working today (including A-Trak, Rusko, Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso, Sinden, XXXChange, Brian Kennedy, Herve, Yuksek and DJ Gant-Man) who all seem to have recognized the talent and star power that also motivated Kanye West to collaborate with her on 2007’s “Pro Nails” single, helping in part to create the deafening buzz that surrounds her now. The album is 12 songs deep, with each track being mixed seamlessly into the next, creating a continuous mix of songs that contain an innovative approach to their perfectly honed pop sensibilities. The final result of Kid Sister’s signature effervescent rapping style with these innovative producers will cement her debut release as one of the most talked about this year.

1. Right Hand Hi
2. Life On TV
3. Daydreaming
4. Let Me Bang 2009
5. Big n Bad
6. Pro Nails (feat. Kanye West)
7. Step (feat. Estelle)
8. Switch Board (feat. DJ Gant-Man)
9. Get Fresh
10. 53421
11. You Ain’t Really Down
12. Control

half bar loop

it’s no secret that i’m a huge fan of a-trak and armand van helden. i’ve had my eye on (and off) armand since you don’t know me and then that story about him getting kicked off the decks at space (which is why i love cherchez la ghost so much), and have focused my attention in his direction since ghettoblaster. and we all know a-trak has been killing it for the last few years with fool’s gold – see my last post. so when they get together to make music, you know it’s going to be special. aNYway and you’re nasty hit beatport today so check out this awesome interview and make sure you cop the tracks. summer anthems for sure.

Duck Sauce – You’re Nasty

Duck Sauce – aNYway

what a day

i thought mondays were supposed to suck? i had an excellent interview (completely non-music related), found an excellent charity compilation with tracks by diplo, lcd, eli and devendra banhart, and when i hit up my google reader i saw some innanet-gems.


buraka som sistema are giving away a new mixtape, and fool’s gold have rounded up ALL the free tracks they’ve given to rcrd lbl in advance of a party the two are putting on tomorrow. shame it’s in nyc. anyway my personal favourites have to be the surkin remix of acid life, a-trak‘s remix of bounce, and pretty much everything involving kid sister. one in particular is her freestyle over green velvet‘s shake and pop, the standout from the otherwise mediocre pillowface mix cd. apparently her album is on the way – see here for an insightful interview.

Sometimes you just gotta let it marinate. I need to make something I’m proud of. So don’t hate! We’re doing it as fast as we can. In the meantime, let’s tell knock-knock jokes on Twitter: Knock knock. Who’s there? Your album. Oh, wait– just kidding. It’ll never end.

EDIT: oh yeah and there’s a oizo remix of n.a.s.a. floating around too 😉

i nacho ny

the above makes no sense, i know. tell that to toronto’s nacho lovers, who’ve just done the first fool’s gold podcast. or FOOLCAST as they’ve called it. i like. they can’t really do much wrong in my eyes though – in fact i’m wearing a fool’s gold tee right now… anyway it looks like an awesome mix, it’s a triute to classic 90s house music from new york, hence the title. i’ve just been digging a lot of early armand lately so this is right up my present street.

Nacho Lovers – Foolcast 001 – I Nacho NY

01. Nina Simone – Feelin’ Good (Todd Terry mix)
02. 68 Beats – My House (The Whistle mix)
03. Rob Razor – Hands Up (Hands Uptown Mix)
04. The Funk Junkeez – Got Funk? (Da Mongoloids Funktastic Funk Mix)
05. Norty Cotto – Time To Rock A Party
06. R.B.M. – The Boy (Ralph’s Hard House mix)
07. Cajmere – Brighter Days (Todd Terry’s TNT Dub)
08. DJ Pierre – Muzik (The Siren Mix)
09. Armand Van Helden – Donkey
10. Reel 2 Real – Raise Your Hands (Armand’s Static Head Mix – Seewhale Dub)
11. Circle Children – Indonesia (Sambal Badjak mix)
12. Da Mongoloids – Spark Da Meth (Bangin’ Like A Benzi mix)
13. Raw Junkies – Doe Doe Drummin’
14. Jodeci – Freek’N You (MK Dub mix)
15. Lovebeads – This is the Only Way (Mousse T.’s Raw Mix)
16. Rageous – Cunty (The Feeling)
17. Robbie Tronco – C.U.N.T. (Straight Faggot mix)
18. Robbie Tronco – Runway (Grease Monkey Drag Queen mix)
19. Tronco Traxx – Walk For Me
20. Armand Van Helden f. Clark Cunt – Work Me Gadamit ’96
21. Armand Van Helden f. Clark Cunt – Work Me Gadamit
22. Masters At Work – The Ha Dance
23. Sir James – Special
24. Sir James – Special (Acapella)
25. The Boss – Congo (Tunnel Mix)
26. Club Ultimate – Carnval 93 (The Ani Phearce mix)
27. Barbara Tucker – I Get Lifted (Armand’s Lift Me Up mix)
28. Smooth Touch – House of Love (More / Phearce mix)
29. Tanja Dantzler – In And Out of My Life (Armand’s AV8 Mix)
30. Submission – Women Beat Their Men (Cevin’s Peak Hour Dub)
31. Lil’ Mo’ Ying Yang – Reach (‘Little’ ‘More’ Mix)
32. Planet Soul – Set U Free (Fever Mix)

tonight i’m going to preston’s beats of rage for the first (and probably only) time, i’m looking forward to seeing hostage, egyptrixx, and joe and will ask? – who i will be interviewing later this evening. watch this space.


when you’re in my hut you know what’s up


big tings from fool’s gold today. i was just listening to the bake sale for the first time in a while yesterday, and now chuck and mikey are back with a new mixtape, gone fishing. you can catch it at the fool’s gold blog, but props to fader freeload too. also have a look at my interview/show review from last year.

more fool’s gold madness comes in the shape of a kid sister/treasure fingers reworking of the CLASSIC jungle brothers jam i’ll house you. the first time i came across this track was actually the hitmen remix back in ’98. at this stage it’s kind of hard for me to separate the two because the remix is the one i know best, with its massive falling down the stairs break, but i really love the optimo cowbells that perforate the original. and whatever happened to hitmen? according to discogs, nothing

Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You ’98 (Hitmen Radio Edit)
Kid Sister – I’ll House You (Reebok Classic ’09)