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new stuff from me

i’ve been busy with music new and old lately, and i’ve put a few mixes together. the most recent was for sidetracked, that ever-so-groovy friday night dealio in the chocolate bar in dublin. it’s a game of two halves, as i start off with some more groovy stuff like holmes price‘s unbelievably good cover of the juan maclean‘s human disaster and the classic shep pettibone remix of new order’s true faith. then it goes a bit garagey, with some mj cole and todd edwards, before a deep and slightly irreverent finale thanks to carl craig, and his relentless desire for chicken noodle soup. i’ll be playing sidetracked from 2 next friday, so come along and wave/say hi/boogie.

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so everyone’s going to oxegen. and why wouldn’t they? it’s one of the best festivals in europe isn’t it? sorry, europe’s greatest music festival. according to its own website. and websites don’t lie, do they? to be fair, it is a pretty stellar lineup. as far as popular music goes, it can’t really be beat. and it’s even got some serious outsider cred going on, booking the likes of jackmaster, popof, louis la roche and villa. there’s just something sterile about it all. i duno. i don’t want to go on a rant here… i could, but i won’t. i’ll be at home this weekend – working till midnight tomorrow, checking out a wedding band on saturday and working again on sunday. i’ll have an eye on the world cup final but to be honest i’m not mad on either team. so instead i’ll be buried on headlines.
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