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can we talk electric picnic?

i’ve been going since 2006. i missed the hallowed “best gig ever” that was arcade fire in 2005, and while i don’t regret it per se, it smarts when people go on about it. i had a magic time in 06, even though i didn’t really see that many life-changing performances. but hey, at festivals, you rarely do.

07 was special too, but again, performance wise it wasn’t out of this world. i think dancing around like a loon with friends to dj mehdi in the bacardi tent before unkle was probably a highlight. for some reason there was something missing in 08 and 09. last year in particular i wasn’t what you might call “festival fit”, so my enjoyment on the whole was affected.

this year, unlike others, i’m not planning on being a complete nazi with regards to catching this band and that dj (though there are a few standouts that i’ll be mad if i don’t see). instead i want to just have the buzz, and though for me a festival is all about the bands, i’m going to try and see what this whole “spirit of the festival” experience is like. that said, these are the acts i really want to see (youtubes after the jump).
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two thousand and ‘i prefer the switch mix’ six

i’m going to kick this off with a disclaimer – over the last few years i’ve made a point of never copying a dj’s mixes, ie if someone mixes two tracks together that sound great, i’ll go out of my way to find other ways of mixing them. i don’t wanna jock nobody’s style. but i’ve done it in this mix. not as a ripoff, but as an homage. it was in 2006 that i first saw the great man that is erol alkan play, and his opening tracks that night were his own remix of i don’t feel like dancing by scissor sisters and trentemøller‘s remix of go by moby. after that, like many of his sets, i was completely stumped – it always seems that he kicks off with something HUGE, then follows it up with an hour of obscurity, and lays the bangers on thick for his grand finale. later on that night i heard him play some of the tracks that have come to define that year, half of which are included in this very mix. bump, sitwoc, magick. that was 2006. this was year zero for the current crop of electro kids who never before had any interest in “dance music” – rock and rave had already come together through the likes of soulwax and lcd soundsystem, now labels like modular and ed banger were, i wouldn’t say consummating that marriage – they were f*cking like rabbits. it was wild.
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early top 10

i fear some of these charts may be getting a bit repetitive – but hey, i’m just repping what i love you know. glass house is slowly working its way up my tunes of the year list, may well be at the top by december. as for that hell track – yeah there’s been some controversy, but the remix package is to die for. radioslave wins for the sheer balls of making a motherf*ckin’ 28 minute version for the two motherf*ckers that understand it. i’m one of them 😉

1 Eli Escobar – Glass House
2 Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi (Kingdom Remix)
3 Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Death Suite (DJ Mehdi Simple Acid Edit)
4 Jokers of the Scene – Baggy Bottom Boys (Original Mix)
5 The Count & Sinden – Mega (Schizofonics Remix)
6 Hugg & Pepp – Sweet Rosie (Turbo Edit)
7 Hell ft. P. Diddy – The DJ (Radio Slave Remix)
8 Jay-Z Feat. Rihanna – Run This Town (Fake Blood 1 Minute Mash)
9 Yazoo – Situation (US 12” Mix)
10 Model 500 – Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat)

claude von stroke – fabric 46

i had my first nctj exam today – newswriting – and i think it went well. i can’t really call it, i think i got everything in on the news pieces, and i answered the online questions word for word what they asked for in all the marking schemes i saw. so that much is assured. as for the rest, well, we’ll see. public admin tomorrow and law on thursday, and then it’s all done. i think shorthand is the only thing i really have down, everything else is a bit iffy. oo-er.


anyway after the exam finished i put on claude von stroke’s new mix, fabric 46. i’ve always enjoyed what i’ve heard from cvs, like the ubiquitous who’s afraid of detroit? and the whistler, which of course featured in that t-mobile ad, but i’ve never had the chance to see him, bar a few minutes in pod when i took a break from the tag team assault of djs mehdi and a-trak. generally the fabriclive mixes tend to be upbeat, frantic party mixes (spinbad, diplo, craze etc) while the fabric mixes are much more techy and minimal (andrew weatherall, ewan pearson). this one is definitely on the right side of the fence, but it’s the kind of mix that has a smile on its face and a glint in its eye. from claude’s yabadabadooza with bootsy collins and the sexually charged robag whrume remix of peter lauer’s free entry for girls, it’s got drippings of twisted vocals throughout, and the dirty bird layers completely disparate tracks together, lending melody and personality to otherwise bleepy minimal. the best example of this is the pairing of dinamoe‘s maceo and clara moto‘s silently, as alone each track sounds bare and almost simplistic, while this collision gives both a sense of warmth and excitement.

while most fabric releases are of a solid standard without being stellar, it looks like this one will be buzzing in my ears for months to come. it’s even sent me digging for more tracks by the artists on the mix, and it has me keen to hear cvs next time he plays anywhere near me. you can’t really ask for more than that.


i’ve only been at transmission, in the button factory a few times, but i’ve seriously enjoyed it each night i’ve been there. busy p and mehdi. bang gang djs. djedjotronic. awesome stuff. they’ve just entered the blogosphere so thought i’d send some blog love their way.

side note – check out bang gang’s minimix for annie mac‘s mashup here. 82 songs in 5 minutes. sweet. (link from their myspace)