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two summers ago i was lucky enough to perform at wasbe 2007, and at the end of it we celebrated it as all good musicians do – by staying at the bar till it closed at some ridiculous hour and then retreating to someone’s place and chilling. i was in a happy but dreary state at the time, and the playlist i made that night reflected the mood and hour. it’s one of the few playlists i’ve ever kept.

Bright Eyes – Middleman
Death Cab For Cutie – A Lack of Color
Wilco – Radio Cure
Sufjan Stevens – Jacksonville

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laïka)
Arcade Fire – Ocean of Noise
Feist – My Moon My Man
Thom Yorke – Black Swan
Wilco – Impossible Germany

Panda Bear – Take Pills
Röyksopp – What Else Is There?
Cat Power – Where Is My Love

broken embraces


tonight i was lucky enough to catch a preview of pedro almodóvar’s latest film, los abrazos rotos (broken embraces), in dublin’s wonderful light house cinema. to my shame i’ve only been there twice now, but as soon as i really get back into to my film-going ways i think i’ll be there much more often. as usual with almodóvar, you get a heavy dose of melodrama, some excellent performances, delightful camera work and gorgeous shots of spanish locales, both urban and rural. it’s a small part of the film, but one of the main characters is a dj, and that gives almodovar the chance to have him play some great tunes. our first introduction to his workplace sees him drop what i think is a hooj choons record while can‘s vitamin c is playing. my only beef is that we don’t get to hear him play the next track so i won’t be able to confirm my suspicions until i get my hands on a dvd and get my freeze-frame on. next time he’s in the booth we hear uffie‘s robot oeuf, a forgotten gem from last year’s disappointing ed rec vol iii. i don’t remember giving this track much attention, but it sounded pretty good on screen. on a mellower note, he even finds a place for cat power‘s sorrowful werewolf, from 2003’s you are free. surprising as it may be to hear songs in english on this soundtrack, i think they make sense in context. i guess it helps that they’re damn good songs. it’s been widely reported of late that star penélope cruz has caused a stirring in the loins of the famously gay almodovar, so i guess now we can see that his taste in music is as delectable as his taste in women…