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twizzy p

in case you didn’t know, dj mag published their list of the top 100 clubs in the world today. pretty good news in that the twisted pepper is in at number 54. that might not seem that much, but when you consider the fact that it’s only open 18 months, and that the number one (sankeys in manchester) went so far as to take out full page ads asking for support, it’s quite an achievement. just wanted to big up that fact, and also say see you there for floating points on saturday.

diaries of a teenage loner

from the age of 13 or so i kept a diary pretty religiously. nothing too serious, just the “what i did today” type of thing. reading back over some of them causes a lot of cringing – the way i wrote, the attitudes, the idiocy of a teenage boy – but it’s a great way of remembering things past. for some reason last year i found less impetus to write for pretty much the first time. today walking past eason’s on talbot street and i saw “diaries on sale” so i couldn’t resist. in the past year i guess i’ve been venting a lot online, so maybe that’s why i’m not writing by hand so much (or at all) anymore. let’s change that.

one thing i don’t like to do online is talk about work. well, what i mean by that is i don’t like to talk about where i work. i’ll occasionally say something about what i did or something someone said, but i don’t like to name names. it’s a weird thing, but that’s just my way, man. unlike me is my friend vicki, the crazy half-italian film student-turned tween writer who’s just joined the blogosphere. her blog post yesterday was all about work – and why not? some sides of the media are more exciting than others, so it’s cool to see the fun side of things. hell, she met david platt (who is, apparently, something of an oompa loompa). check it all out here. i reckon this one could take off.

i’m going to daedelus tonight, for free. not that i’m scoring freebies, it’s a free gig. on his myspazz he even has it down as “pygmalion cafe bar”! awesome. next freebie on the way is theo parrish at 12 on sunday. highly recommended.


so i’ve been playing sidetracked on and off since january, and for the last while it’s been segueing in nicely to the latest big friday night event in dublin, trainwreck. since the departure of bodytonic in 2008, pod just hasn’t been the same at the weekends, but the few times i’ve been to trainwrecked the place has been packed and the music has been great. there’s hip-hop and soul and whatnot in the lobby, and deep and dark techno in the pod room. i’m still loving the ghetto and electro house stuff i play at transmission, but i’m really taking an interest in the darker side of things lately. and they’ve just put together a blog where you can catch the sort of stuff they’re playing every week. so check it out. and make sure you hit trainwreck, as long as you’re not working at 10.30 the next morning. that’s not so much fun.

now put your hands on your waistline


another great dj who’s coming to stradbally next week (next week!) is duke dumont. he’s been making big noise for a few years now, with two epic releases on great labels (the regality ep on turbo and the dominion dubs ep on dubsided), as well as melting the collective consciousness of the blogosphere with simply mind-blowing remixes. lily allen, bat for lashes, late of the pier and mystery jets have all been transformed at his hands, and his work has made that of many a dj that much easier (the latter even made if onto james lavelle’s recent global underground mix, a seal of approval it hardly needed yet thoroughly deserves). he’s no one trick pony either. as a dj he’s pretty darned impressive too. case in point is this live mix from fabric, which surfaced on bodytonic last year.

BodytonicLive 05 : Duke Dumont

everybody nôze


continuing with my perusal of acts playing electric picnic (can you tell i just got my ticket yesterday?), i’m revisiting the podcast nôze provided for bodytonic last february. there’s no tracklist, it’s just an hour of gorgeous tunes, ranging from weird jazz-house to ethnic-tinged techno, to 80s pop. enjoy.

Bodytonic Podcast 030 : Nôze (Direct Link)

le mix du weekend

the bodytonic website has just received another overhaul, things are looking colourful yet accessible so i reckon i’ll be spending more time over there from now on. one aspect of particular interest is the new mixes section:

The mixes section is a database of links to non-commercial mixes supplied by registered users of our site. It’s a place to find out about new mixes, mixes by a particular artist or mixes in a particular genre.

top of the list right now is a rough and ready mix from moodymann. what’s really tickling my fancy, however, is my friend forde‘s mix, quantly tuitled “july mix to flick your bean to”…. with that in mind, enjoy the weekend 😉

Forde – July Mix (to flick your bean to)…

1.sascha dive-as long as its grooving (its allright now)
2. manuel tur-acorado
3.robert dietz-actrice
4.markus homm-torn
5.kiki-good voodoo
6.motor city drum ensemble-get slapped up
7.danton eeprom-to the bone(Jamie jones percussion)
8.tony lionni-found a place
9.scott ferguson-dump days
10.radio slave-never ending / moodyman-heaven untitled
11.robert dietz-its lonely at the dub
12.rework-love love love yeah (chloe)

no rest for the wicked

so i was supposed to have an internet-free weekend, but my kind host has left me in his university’s computer room while he does some photocopying, or something. this afternoon i trawled around london looking for phonica – printing a map might have helped – until i was helped my a kindly policeman on piccadilly circus who just happened to have a map of the capital in his pocket. sweet. so i picked up some random oddities for super cheap in the uber-cool soho record store (which just received those crazy ark 1 tees), and i also grabbed the juan maclean‘s one day vinnil (with added marc romboy/emperor machine/surkin) in hmv of all places.

meanwhile, whoever isn’t at airbound is certainly keeping the bodytonic site ticking over. they’ve just announced the tracklist for chromeo‘s forthcoming dj-kicks mix. i’m stumped – the only track i know is the eagles cover they’ve just released. wow. i’m excited. nice to see young shazam getting a look-in.

Kano: “Ikeya-Seki”
Pierre Perpall: “J’aime Danser Avec Toi”
Toba: “Moving Up”
France Joli: “Gonna Get Over You”
Donna Allen: “Serious”
Lovelock: “Maybe Tonight”
Chateau Marmont: “Solar Antapex” rework
Val Young: “Seduction”
Soupir: “Larmes de Métal”
Lifelike: “Sequencer”
Carmen: “Time to Move”
Shotgun: “Don’t You Wanna Make Love”
Cheri: “Murphy’s Law”
Leo Sayer: “Easy to Love”
Shazam: “Luckier”
Chromeo: “I Can’t Tell You Why”
Diane Tell: “Tes Yeux”
The Alan Parsons Project: “Pipeline”