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back to the future

since i’ve been so busy on this mix thing i’ve not been giving due attention to new music. my bad. in the past few days i’ve been sent some great stuff, and it’s high time i share it with the world.


i’ve been repping for solid bump for a while, so it stands to reason that i should be excited about laberg’s debut release on the label. i had no idea, but laberge is just 22. i hate it when i hear that someone that i really respect is younger than me. anyway the true love ep, available on beatport, comes with three original tracks and a remix. the title track has a low-slung bassline, soft synths and a chipmunk vocal sample that really works. just don’t let go is a more laidback affair, beautiful stuff for a warm up. we don’t know has emotive chord changes reminiscent reminiscent of tee’s happy, and the remix of true love, by meroz, gives the original more oomph to take things into the early hours. all in all it’s one solid release for a label that is solid by name…. well you get me. check out this remix of just don’t let go by dj eq. like meroz’s remix, it beefs up the beautiful original and makes it a little bit more late-night friendly.

Just Don’t Let Go (DJ EQ Remix) – Laberge


chaos dans le cbd consists of two brothers from auckland, and they’re making some damn fine tunes. think brodinski, momma’s boy, renaissance man. my favourite track of theirs is called tesh & maccas – don’t ask me what that means. it’s got high pitched bleeps that seem to be singing something to me, white noise and that hint of tribalism that suggests something more than a little bit wild. rag rats is a little bit angrier, and the wild is more than just suggested. rattling tribal fills and more of those bleeps help this one become something of a banger within this genre – if that’s possible. and, appropriately enough, they’ve remixed noob and brodinski’s peanuts club. while the original is something of a dj tool, they’ve taken the signature riff and built a hazy, smokey new track around it. thumbs up.

Chaos Dans Le CBD Feat. Tommie Pickles – Tesh & Maccas (Original Mix)
Chaos Dans Le CBD – Rag Rats (Original Mix)
Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club (Chaos Dans Le CBD Remix)

fabric of win

blurry and artistic (read crap) pic of joe and will ask?

blurry and artistic (read crap) pic of joe and will ask?

typical that just as soon as i post a chart i hear a proper bangin’ tune. joe and will ask? have just thrown up a preview of their new single fabric of win on their myspace player, ahead of its beatport release on thursday. the track features saintsaviour, a former member of the rgbs who’s previously worked with groove armada. the track seems a little more light-hearted than the boys’ previous work, but it still has the signature sound of a joe and will ask? tune. there’s a club mix, an instrumental, and the “gnarly” late night remix. check it.

drop in the ocean

wow. five and a half MILLION blog posts on wordpress last month. only 40 of which were mine. kinda puts things in perspective.

for once i’m really excited about some new music right now. white girl lust‘s new ep is pretty great, particularly blood, which is currently available as part of a free sampler on the solid bump blog. for now anyway. you can also check out the crazy video for back and forth from the same ep. go cop it.

half bar loop

it’s no secret that i’m a huge fan of a-trak and armand van helden. i’ve had my eye on (and off) armand since you don’t know me and then that story about him getting kicked off the decks at space (which is why i love cherchez la ghost so much), and have focused my attention in his direction since ghettoblaster. and we all know a-trak has been killing it for the last few years with fool’s gold – see my last post. so when they get together to make music, you know it’s going to be special. aNYway and you’re nasty hit beatport today so check out this awesome interview and make sure you cop the tracks. summer anthems for sure.

Duck Sauce – You’re Nasty

Duck Sauce – aNYway

free traxxx

i’ve mentioned rcrd lbl before, that awesome source of free’n’legal mp3s, but i’ve come across a couple of other giveaways online today.

beatport are giving away five tracks from artists who played at this year’s sónar festival in barcelona – moderat, richie hawtin, animal collective, martyn ft the spaceape and marcel dettmann – while felix da housecat has a new track he’s giving away entitled we all wanna be prince. it’s true.


meanwhile i’m currently downloading the 20 tracks from wilco‘s ashes of american flags dvd. 174mb! nice one. i picked up (the album) today and thought the album artwork was all a bit bizarre – the cd itself is a a birthday cake awash with orange – but then i realised they rarely go for boring artwork. remember the moon with the mouth? the marina city buildings? jeff wailing on the inside of being there? it’s always interesting…

round round round…

whenever big 90s house tracks come on in pubs/clubs i always delight in telling the people i’m with that x or y was involved in this or that track. take de’lacy’s hideaway. a huge track which pretty much everyone knows. what many people don’t know is that it was the deep dish remix, or should i say the ali needs to score mix, that hit the charts back in 95. just the other night i was in preston’s adelphi when the dj put on sandy b’s make the world go round – another 90s classic remixed by deep dish.

so sharam has gone on to define cheese house of the worst order, and dubfire (the aforementioned ali) is now making flavour of the month minimal (why would anyone ever think it necessary to remix spastik?) – the boys have a legacy that nothing they do will ever take away.

so imagine my surprise when i see a track by hoxton whores (awful name dudes) called devil toy on the top of the beatport chart. it pretty much rips off world go round wholesale. it’s a top tune, on the right side of that whole big room minimal electro bleepy stuff, and i think in the right setting it would make a crowd go berserk. that said, credit where credit’s due…

De’Lacy – Hideaway (Ali Needs To Score Mix)
Sandy B – Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Remix)
Hoxton Whores – Devil’s Toy (Main Mix)