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through the shadows

when i was in london last month for field day, i paid my first visit to the fabled phonica records on poland st. embarrassingly enough i had to ask a “bobby” for directions – he had a map in his pocket, which i thought was hilarious, but hey, it worked for me. when i got there i picked up some cheap promos and one record, loudeast‘s shadows from 2006. the only other time i came across this guy was through his track lights off, which featured on two great compilations in autumn 2001 (funny how that year figures so much in my electronic musical history): hernan cattaneo‘s funky deep ‘n’ tribal mix for ministry magazine, and deep dish‘s second yoshiesque compilation. its beats were solid yet funky, pounding while at the same time infused with a breezy lightness. it was marked as progressive, but i thought it was much funkier than most of the droning ploddish muck that was given that tag. have a listen for yourself – but ignore the vocal over the track throughout. it’s actually from luzon’s the baguio track.

when i saw this record on sale for a measly 99p, i couldn’t resist. not only did the tracks have cheesily accurate titles such as “jackin’ dub mix” and “acid rain mix”, the cover was just a huge acid smiley face. as it happens, i left the record in my friend’s place and only got around to getting it back this week. i wasn’t disappointed. the-a side features two trippily acidic slices of prog, both of which feature the best bits of each style: they go on for ages, and, well, they’re really acidy. meanwhile the b-side is taken up by a slow-burning nine-minute dub mix by alexkid, whose work i first discovered on wevvers‘ awesome fabric mix.

i feel a bit daft writing about this when fellow bloggers are writing about tunes that were written this morning, exported this afternoon and emailed ten minutes ago, but i just really dig these tracks. it just goes to show that bargain-hunting in record stores can still reap its rewards – and to be honest i’ve enjoyed this experience much more than any time i’ve stumbled upon some thirty second clip on beatport. whether or not i’d be able to play them out at transmission is another story. maybe i’ll slot one of them into this running mix i keep on thinking about making. plod plod plod (but in a good way…)

Loudeast – Shadows (Loudeast Jackin’ Dub Mix)