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bank holiday fun

bank holiday weekends in dublin are always crazy busy when it comes to gigs. this upcoming october bank holiday (sunday 24) is no different, with a rake of big names flocking to different venues across the city on the sunday night. which one you choose will depend as much on a combination of who you’re going with and where it is (and consequently how much it is) as who is playing.

for example, much as i’d love to see laidback luke (he was a lot of fun at pukkelpop this year), i’d be more inclined to walk 10 minutes to the twisted pepper to see moodymann and optimo. ultimately, it doesn’t matter what i would do, as i’ll be staying in and getting some sleep ahead of my 9am start the next morning… hurrah. that said, i’m pretty excited about seeing trentemøller live again, his set at (again) pukkelpop in 2007 was one of the best i’ve ever seen, and a saturday night show in tripod should be just dandy.
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diaries of a teenage loner

from the age of 13 or so i kept a diary pretty religiously. nothing too serious, just the “what i did today” type of thing. reading back over some of them causes a lot of cringing – the way i wrote, the attitudes, the idiocy of a teenage boy – but it’s a great way of remembering things past. for some reason last year i found less impetus to write for pretty much the first time. today walking past eason’s on talbot street and i saw “diaries on sale” so i couldn’t resist. in the past year i guess i’ve been venting a lot online, so maybe that’s why i’m not writing by hand so much (or at all) anymore. let’s change that.

one thing i don’t like to do online is talk about work. well, what i mean by that is i don’t like to talk about where i work. i’ll occasionally say something about what i did or something someone said, but i don’t like to name names. it’s a weird thing, but that’s just my way, man. unlike me is my friend vicki, the crazy half-italian film student-turned tween writer who’s just joined the blogosphere. her blog post yesterday was all about work – and why not? some sides of the media are more exciting than others, so it’s cool to see the fun side of things. hell, she met david platt (who is, apparently, something of an oompa loompa). check it all out here. i reckon this one could take off.

i’m going to daedelus tonight, for free. not that i’m scoring freebies, it’s a free gig. on his myspazz he even has it down as “pygmalion cafe bar”! awesome. next freebie on the way is theo parrish at 12 on sunday. highly recommended.