a fat guy in a t-shirt doing all the singing

so last night i ended up getting some last-minute tickets to lcd soundsystem in tripod. i’ve never seen the place so full. i had a spot directly behind the sound desk and couldn’t move from start to finish. i hate to be that guy but the lines “people don’t dance no more, they just stand there like this, they cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and diss” could kind of have been written about me. i won’t moan about or diss the band. not one bit. the show was awesome. i bopped a little bit. but i don’t get this whole hurling drinks and glo-sticks in the air business. last night’s crowd was wild. i guess maybe it was the positive expression of the pain felt by a disenfranchised and angry youth, given the fraught situation the nation is in. but then again, at €40+ a pop for tickets, and three sold-out shows, i doubt this youth was the most disenfranchised. but that’s moot i suppose. everyone is angry. and this isn’t that kind of blog.

last night’s show was magnificent – inspiring musicianship, unflappable focus, genuine humility in the face of overwhelming adulation, and a true sense of unparallelled joy in performance. and off stage, i really feel i have to mention how great the lights were. with a show like that you could just have spotlights and the odd strobe, but the variety, innovation and, dare i say it, humour of the lighting was definitely a highlight. the people at tonight’s show (hopefully) got to miss the bullshit bailout conference earlier, for a night of fall-of-the-empire abandon. so this is a volte face, forget what i said at the start. dance yrself clean.


flashing for money

what else are you going to do at the weekend other than sit in from the cold and the rain listening to good mixes? the first comes from one of the greats, grandmaster flash, live at the metamorphose festival in japan last september.

Much like the mythological Trojan War, the beginnings of hip hop music are shrouded in fable and legend. We do know this much however – Grandmaster Flash was there. He not only pioneered the hip hop style of DJing, but he invented many of the foundational techniques of the trade. Back-cueing, beat juggling, and record scratching just to name a few. Combined with his rap group, The Furious Five, Flash went on to massive early 80s chart success on the Sugarhill label. Singles like The Message and Scorpio broke new musical ground, not only in the hip hop world, but also in the burgeoning electronic scene. Flash kept active throughout the 80s, releasing records both as solo artist and with the Furious Five. Since then, Flash has gone on to DJ across the globe, playing his infamous blend of party classics – all delivered with his signature cut-and-paste style. Listen here as he rocks the main stage at Metamorphose in Japan.

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shit robot is in town to support lcd soundsystem every night this weekend at tripod, and then back next week with underworld in the rds.

clive onion

i’ve been a fan of joe and will ask since i first came across their remix of alena’s turn it around – i later discovered they were both as big fans of euphoric 90s trance as i was, hence that remix, and another for mario piu’s communication. you know, that one with the interference and that girl imploring that “somebody answer the phone”… anyway since then they’ve put out a very small number of releases, focusing on quality instead of quantity. fabric of win was one of my favourite tracks last year – in fact i just included it in my round-up of button factory favourites for transmission – and this year i’ve really loved man the cannons and their remix of booka shade. recently they’ve been putting their energy into their new night vikings at ministry of sound in london (you can check out their mixes for the night here), but that’s not to say they’ve been ignoring the tune side of things. new effort clive onion is a massive departure, it sounds completely unlike anything they’ve done before, yet you can still tell it’s a joe and will ask track. as the blurb on the deadly people soundcloud puts it:

The guys were asked to remix Yeasayer. They ended up writing a killer bassline that sounded weird with the Yeasayer parts. So they wrote a brand new song, sampled Arcade Fire and delivered it the next day.


the forthcoming remake of brighton rock

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the music just turns me on

girl talk has a new album out! hurrah! uh, no, fuck that. i can’t even download the damn thing. if you want something to really mess with your head, check out acid yazz from ghostdad. it’s in a similar vein as xxxchange and devlin‘s voila (only the second-best mix ever) in that it’s in short, distinct yet vaguely related segments. each section is aptly named, and it’s got stuff you really should know (bowie, um, vampire weekend) and stuff you’ve probably never heard before (pretty much everything else). it’s an amazing listening experience, enjoyable not just because you’re waiting to hear what comes next. now trust me, i’m not solely celebrating this mix against a backdrop of girl talk hate though. this is awesome on its own two, but in today’s context it stands out even more. you can listen below, or pay with a tweet. do it – it’s worth it.
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a movie with no plot

last night at sidetracked i played one of my favourite sets in recent times. it helped that there seemed to be a big crowd spilling into crawdaddy from the m.i.a. show in tripod next door. then it was off to the twisted pepper for a great set from cooly g. big up to ignored playaz, and i look forward to their next gig. tonight it’s off to the sugar club for chilly gonzales. there’s a great interview with the man on nialler9.

Bobby Orlando – Pump It Up (Jon Averill Shock Edit)
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Extended Remix)
The Faint – Battle Hymn For Children (Tensnake Remix)
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)
Selebrities – When I Look At You
The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Lindstrom Remix)
Bostro Pesopeo – Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
Daft Punk – Face to Face
The Juan MacLean – By The Time I Get To Venus
A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Original 12″ Mix)
The xx – VCR (Four Tet Remix)
Lykke Li – Little Bit (The Loving Hand Remix)
Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Soul Clap Remix)