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july’s almost over

but we still have time for some more july mixes. those ruddy shadow dancer folks have been pretty mix happy lately, and the latest one looks, well, i don’t know, i am alarmingly unfamiliar with most of the tunes thereon. but these lads have taste, so you can trust it’ll be a bit good.

NT89 & SAVILE // Comb
HERMAN // April Skies
MATT WALSH // Honey Comb (MIKE MIND Remix)
HOUSE // House Is House
ROMAN FLUGEL // Brian Le Bon
MARTYN // Miniluv
CHICAGO SKYWAY // Heavens & Angels (Mix 6) // Snakes Cave
JIN CHOI // Dig Your Own Out
SILENT SERVANT // Sampler SIlent Servant (REGIS Edit)
D’FUNK // It Happens (BOB SWANS Remix)
ROB ACID // Acidwave
REFERENCE // Best Day In Detroit
AUX 88 // Voice Modulation (ANTHONY ROTHER Remix)


who remembers all the little interludes on stankonia, at the end of which there goes up a shout of “BREAK”? sometimes i shout them out in my head. i know it’s probably the most-blogged thing this side of janelle monáe (incidentally, this man’s protegé) but i can’t get enough of big boi‘s latest effort, sir lucious left foot: the son of chico dusty. the beats are great, the rapping is wild, it’s funny and it’s not just full of self-aggrandising nonsense (though, being honest, it’s a rap album so there is some of that). in my opinion, and i know the year is barely half over, it’s the best album to come out in 2010. that i’ve listened to. as i’ve had this one on repeat this past week, i realise that it’s been a very long time since i’ve had one album that has bumped everything out of the equation.
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dublin loves you too…

twizzy p

in case you didn’t know, dj mag published their list of the top 100 clubs in the world today. pretty good news in that the twisted pepper is in at number 54. that might not seem that much, but when you consider the fact that it’s only open 18 months, and that the number one (sankeys in manchester) went so far as to take out full page ads asking for support, it’s quite an achievement. just wanted to big up that fact, and also say see you there for floating points on saturday.

curtskee vee

i’ve been a fan of the alaskan called curtis vodka for a few years now, but he’s been pretty quiet of late. thankfully he’s resurfaced with some great reminders of why i loved him so much in the first place. one is a remix of ralphi rosario’s you used to hold me, which you should definitely recognise. his remix takes the original vocal, surrounds it with a tough beat, acid squeaks and bleeps, before drowning the whole thing in a swamp of reverb. lovely. be sure to check out his new track phantasmagorias while you’re at it.

Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me (Curtis Vodka Remix) by Curtis Vodka

a question of perspective

Its been a while since I’ve seen snow! Sooo pretty. Kind of scary to drive in it but we are making it safe!
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So a 2:45 min drive took 4 and a half hours… Ugh sooo not feeling the snow
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ps yes i follow both kk and jwowww

morning bell

All the glory that the Lord has made
And the complications when I see His face
In the morning in the window

All the glory when He took our place
But He took my shoulders and He shook my face
And He takes and He takes and He takes

And it came to me then that every plan
Is a tiny prayer to father time
As I stared at my shoes in the ICU
That reeked of piss and 409
And I rationed my breaths as I said to myself
That I’d already taken too much today
As each descending peak on the LCD
Took you a little farther away from me
Away from me

Amongst the vending machines and year-old magazines
In a place where we only say goodbye
It stung like a violent wind that our memories depend
On a faulty camera in our minds

And I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose
Than to have never lain beside at all
And I looked around at all the eyes on the ground
As the TV entertained itself

Cause theres no comfort in the waiting room
Just nervous pacers bracing for bad news
And then the nurse comes round and everyone lift their heads
But Im thinking of what Sarah said
That love is watching someone die

So who’s gonna watch you die?
So who’s gonna watch you die?

for a mug, it’s pretty decent

Perfect for fanboys or really anyone that wants a little bit of rave with their coffee and eggs in the morning.

thanks dudes


hmm… well this is great. i’ve been raving about the delancey music service lately, you know, eli escobar and stretch armstrong playing good tunes and interviewing cool people and being generally interesting and hilarious. the show is on mondays at 10pm ny time, which is generally 3am here. like i can stay up till 5am listening to ny radio, even if it is broadcast online. well in the spirit of honesty, i did stay up last week, as our clocks had gone back but theirs hadn’t, so it was only staying up till 4. but i can’t do that every week…

anyway, thankfully, eli’s been good enough to put up a link to the show on his blog the past few weeks, so i (and the rest of the world) can listen to it on my ipod on buses and when walking through town and whatnot. till now.

So the people over at EVR have asked me not to post up the shows. If you guys wanna hear old shows you’ll have to stream them off the EVR website. If someone calls you on the phone or your Chinese takeout comes, don’t pause the stream because it’ll start from the beginning again when you press play.

thanks evr. whatever about anything else, i definitely don’t have the time to listen to the same stream for two hours straight on my internet. i barely even watch films anymore. this is adding to what has so far been a crap monday. eugh.

tweets ahead

just had a look at some of my old tweets on the analogue account last year. go follow!

Pukkelpop just kicked off properly with Santogold. In the next tent over, DJ Mehdi is banging out Surkin’s White Knight to mild appreciation from the Belgians 3:11 PM Aug 14th, 2008 from txt

Róisín Murphy is definitely the coolest living Irish person. 10:19 PM Aug 14th, 2008 from txt

If it’s just Sinden on the decks with some added MCs can it really be called “The Count and Sinden (Live)”? We want Hervé! 1:41 PM Aug 15th, 2008 from txt

Let dem know you gon bomb de place Diplo, let dem know you gon bomb de place Diplo… Bangin! 6:36 PM Aug 15th, 2008 from txt

Being at Lovebox is embarrassing… 7:28 PM Aug 23rd, 2008 from txt

Although I must say, N*E*R*D are ROCKING it. Backseat Love sounds great! 8:27 PM Aug 23rd, 2008 from txt

This is the worst festival I’ve ever been to. Oh no a preposition! 9:50 PM Aug 23rd, 2008 from txt