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is how i’ve been feeling lately. maybe i need some direction. and oh look! this popped in my door today!

this is in the o2 ad and it’s quite beautiful.


on to the next

so oxegen is over… it’s not really, there are a few hours to go, but it seems everyone i know who’s gone down has come home early due to bad weather/performances/behaviour by fellow campers. hate to say i told you so. i still wonder if eminem will really perform tonight. time will tell. jay-z apparently put on a great show, which is a further slap in the face for all the nay-sayers who said rap didn’t “work” at “rock” festivals. it’s all music. it’s all love.

for now, i’m getting to work at getting familiar with the acts i want to see (and haven’t heard of) who are playing pukkelpop. after my sabbatical last year i’m psyched to get back to hasselt this summer. though having seen the recently released day/stage breakdowns i’m already certain i’ll have to miss a good few acts. as a wise man once said, and i’m pretty certain i’ve said this here before, only shit festivals don’t have clashes.

but all this is a month away. for now, i’m excited to get out of the country again, as i head to manchester this week for my other half’s graduation. while over there i’ll be loading up on goodies from fopp, piccadilly records and vinyl exchange, which, over the past two years, has become my favourite shop in the world. psyched! thank god i’m not flying ryanair this time…


so everyone’s going to oxegen. and why wouldn’t they? it’s one of the best festivals in europe isn’t it? sorry, europe’s greatest music festival. according to its own website. and websites don’t lie, do they? to be fair, it is a pretty stellar lineup. as far as popular music goes, it can’t really be beat. and it’s even got some serious outsider cred going on, booking the likes of jackmaster, popof, louis la roche and villa. there’s just something sterile about it all. i duno. i don’t want to go on a rant here… i could, but i won’t. i’ll be at home this weekend – working till midnight tomorrow, checking out a wedding band on saturday and working again on sunday. i’ll have an eye on the world cup final but to be honest i’m not mad on either team. so instead i’ll be buried on headlines.
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what the dickens…

so i went to hmv on henry street during my break to pick up the new trentemøller album, into the great wide yonder (though that just makes me think of tom petty…). they’ve really changed things up in there – no more music downstairs! i remember a time when a whole side of the room was hip-hop – then it became a section, then a smaller section and so forth over the years. now it’s all games and ayyyyyyyyo, technology down there, and hip-hop and dance have tiny units on the ground floor. such progress, huh.

what actually struck me first as i walked in today, however, was that the five-disc edition of blade runner (albeit without the metal box and, probably, hologram) is now on sale for €6.99. SIX NINETY NINE. that’s just crazy. i was given a gift of the metal one a few years ago and can’t even imagine how much that cost.

i couldn’t help but have a glance at the latest crystal swing release – it’s got dance remixes and all. micky modelle anyone? lord help us.

the final straw though – that made me think “hang on, wasn’t this originally a music shop?” – was the fact that they now sell chocolate bars – mars bars and snacks and i don’t know what else – at the till.


Trentemøller – Sycamore Feeling (Trentemøller Remix Edit) (via Rcrd Lbl)

real talk

so it seems that more people read or enjoy (ok maybe just read) this blog when i’m not just blathering on about music. so i figured i may as well start writing something that’s, potentially, of interest to someone other than myself.

i think i’m paranoid. i realised this last night as i walked home from work. walking along moore street, together with a large crowd of young drinkers (where the hell were they going on a tuesday night?!), i noticed a guy and a girl walking apart from the group on the opposite pavement. i tend to walk quickly anyway, but drunken crowds make me wary at the best of times, so i sped along ahead of them. then i heard a crash, as if someone had been pushed into the shutters of a shop closed for the night. i assume the guy has pushed the girl against them. i look back – he has his arm around her and they merely stumbled against the door. why did i fear the worst?

moments later, as i walked past the gpo (or general post office, pictured above), i noticed a man standing looking in at the statue in the front and centre of the building – this i realised after i had jumped to the horrific conclusion that he was taking a piss in the window. way to have faith in humanity.

why am i noticing all of this? is that i’m living and working in the city? i know soon after i moved “down town” i saw a bin bag across the street and assumed it was a bum… or is it just a general world-weariness and disillusionment with everything around me? is it my job, as i discussed with someone last night, “in the media”? who knows. anyway, i’m only 25, so i’m hoping i can muster some sort of enthusiasm and general joyousness about something in the near future….

R Kelly – Real Talk (Jukin’ Mix)

do i really have to blog?

it’d be rude not to. anyway i just saw this last night and, even though it’s, like, so last year, i felt i had to post it.

thugz mansion