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venetian blinds

that ghosts of venice lad has been busy. he’s hooked up with mix chopin to rework burns and fred falke‘s yslm (you stopped loving me), with homework-era drum patterns and a nice walking bassline. that release has some, erm, interesting artwork – see here. stream here, download at the bottom.

he’s also started dabbling in hip-hop, peep la all day, with its lush strings and perfect claps. it’s just begging for a some life-affirming shit like shine blockas on top. hopefully he’ll keep it up – i mean i love the nu-disco/house steez as you well know, but keep it all going lee. ghosts of venice beach.

Burns & Fred Falke – You Stopped Loving Me (Mix Chopin & Ghosts Of Venice Remix) (320kpbs)

take ’em up

From the Cradle to the Rave is a near perfect album, and “Take Em Up” is one reason why: The interplay between Marcus “Shit Robot” Lambkin’s loping synthesizer disco funk and Nancy Whang’s unflappable vocals is, simply, great. Now, that track yields added dividends through its pairing with a collection of remixes from an eclectic group of estimable artists. Birmingham, England’s Mark E contributes his Black Country Dub, a reworking that adds a robot-precise, thudding beat to minimal arrangements, and then overlays the whole structure with room-filling synths. Marcus Marr takes things slowly, opening with brooding synths and solitary vocals that burst into blissful electronic pop at the chorus. The digital release adds two tracks: A John Talabot remix that feels like a laidback house party that really gets going when it relocates to a disco floor. And Germany’s Michael Mayer’s epically inventive take on “Tuff Enuff” – another From the Cradle to the Rave standout – is an otherworldly listening experience that literally builds toward take off.
– Kali Holloway

dfa webstore : itunes

because xxxchange needs all the blog love he can get!

i featured ghostdad’s acid yazz last week (which is still super awesome and features xxxchange tracks such as his remix of charlotte gainsbourg) and now i wanna draw your attention to a new project from xxxchange, ghostdad and devlin. they’ve done a new track under the name win win, which is a pretty appropriate moniker. the track is called releaserpm (no i’ve no idea either), and it features vocals from lizzi bougatsos, who if you don’t know is a member of gang gang dance. remember what i said? win win. the track is hosted on the fader, and got a mention on p4k, but it needs our attention because…..

never think that dudes, NEVER…

shake yuh waist

this is fun.

most blogged

new cut copy single – there’s a european tour coming up, with more dates to follow, so expect to see them in tripod some time next year.


shit robot is in town to support lcd soundsystem every night this weekend at tripod, and then back next week with underworld in the rds.

clive onion

i’ve been a fan of joe and will ask since i first came across their remix of alena’s turn it around – i later discovered they were both as big fans of euphoric 90s trance as i was, hence that remix, and another for mario piu’s communication. you know, that one with the interference and that girl imploring that “somebody answer the phone”… anyway since then they’ve put out a very small number of releases, focusing on quality instead of quantity. fabric of win was one of my favourite tracks last year – in fact i just included it in my round-up of button factory favourites for transmission – and this year i’ve really loved man the cannons and their remix of booka shade. recently they’ve been putting their energy into their new night vikings at ministry of sound in london (you can check out their mixes for the night here), but that’s not to say they’ve been ignoring the tune side of things. new effort clive onion is a massive departure, it sounds completely unlike anything they’ve done before, yet you can still tell it’s a joe and will ask track. as the blurb on the deadly people soundcloud puts it:

The guys were asked to remix Yeasayer. They ended up writing a killer bassline that sounded weird with the Yeasayer parts. So they wrote a brand new song, sampled Arcade Fire and delivered it the next day.


the forthcoming remake of brighton rock

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the music just turns me on

girl talk has a new album out! hurrah! uh, no, fuck that. i can’t even download the damn thing. if you want something to really mess with your head, check out acid yazz from ghostdad. it’s in a similar vein as xxxchange and devlin‘s voila (only the second-best mix ever) in that it’s in short, distinct yet vaguely related segments. each section is aptly named, and it’s got stuff you really should know (bowie, um, vampire weekend) and stuff you’ve probably never heard before (pretty much everything else). it’s an amazing listening experience, enjoyable not just because you’re waiting to hear what comes next. now trust me, i’m not solely celebrating this mix against a backdrop of girl talk hate though. this is awesome on its own two, but in today’s context it stands out even more. you can listen below, or pay with a tweet. do it – it’s worth it.
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zipped up in plastic, when it happens, that’s it

young london dj stopmakingme has been impressing me a lot over the past 12 months. it all started with his blogger’s delight mix in november last year, sadly no longer on soundcloud. then i really loved his take on marina and the diamonds’ i am not a robot this summer. he’s got a great new single coming out on kill em all records this month, the wrapped in plastic ep. funny how despite his under-the-disco-lights punch and sheen, all i think of whenever i read the title is dre’s the watcher.

anyway, you know someone’s a big deal when they’ve got justin robertson on the remix tip. the standout track for me is hot pepper sauce, but, honestly, they’re all awesome. the three original tracks are available as 192s on palms out sounds right now, and the ep is out on november 22. in the meantime have a listen to his autumn mix below.

Wrapped In Plastic EP (Kill Em All Records) by stopmakingme