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venetian blinds

that ghosts of venice lad has been busy. he’s hooked up with mix chopin to rework burns and fred falke‘s yslm (you stopped loving me), with homework-era drum patterns and a nice walking bassline. that release has some, erm, interesting artwork – see here. stream here, download at the bottom.

he’s also started dabbling in hip-hop, peep la all day, with its lush strings and perfect claps. it’s just begging for a some life-affirming shit like shine blockas on top. hopefully he’ll keep it up – i mean i love the nu-disco/house steez as you well know, but keep it all going lee. ghosts of venice beach.

Burns & Fred Falke – You Stopped Loving Me (Mix Chopin & Ghosts Of Venice Remix) (320kpbs)

shake yuh waist

this is fun.

clive onion

i’ve been a fan of joe and will ask since i first came across their remix of alena’s turn it around – i later discovered they were both as big fans of euphoric 90s trance as i was, hence that remix, and another for mario piu’s communication. you know, that one with the interference and that girl imploring that “somebody answer the phone”… anyway since then they’ve put out a very small number of releases, focusing on quality instead of quantity. fabric of win was one of my favourite tracks last year – in fact i just included it in my round-up of button factory favourites for transmission – and this year i’ve really loved man the cannons and their remix of booka shade. recently they’ve been putting their energy into their new night vikings at ministry of sound in london (you can check out their mixes for the night here), but that’s not to say they’ve been ignoring the tune side of things. new effort clive onion is a massive departure, it sounds completely unlike anything they’ve done before, yet you can still tell it’s a joe and will ask track. as the blurb on the deadly people soundcloud puts it:

The guys were asked to remix Yeasayer. They ended up writing a killer bassline that sounded weird with the Yeasayer parts. So they wrote a brand new song, sampled Arcade Fire and delivered it the next day.


the forthcoming remake of brighton rock

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a future without…

…a record label with a difference…

Forward looking and progressive, we put our artists first as nothing matters but the music. It’s a constantly evolving beast based upon the belief that a collective mentality can bring mutual benefit to all involved. Casting aside those major label “exclusive deal” clichés that even the most ethical indie labels seem to fall into eventually, A Future Without… brings artists opportunities without compromising their integrity or freedom to express.

i just discovered this neat label called a future without thanks to slutty fringe‘s tweet about their latest free sampler. this sampler is full of down-tempo instrumental hip-hop and mellow dubstep type stuff, some with a hint of noodly jazz guitar and flute mixed with loungey chords and urban claps. the label keeps a good blog going, with free tracks and mixes going on the regular.

back to the sampler, it kicks off with a track by an act called baba yaga, who’ve just sealed a place in my heart for their name alone. then there’s jash, who blends organic guitar sounds with enterprise bleeps and makes percussion out of what sounds like a deck of cards. go listen.

blissed out and boisterous

irish act nouveaunoise are back in business with another free ep, this one called panaka. the eponymous track starts off with some almost post-rock drone before shifting into a dreamy, shuffling hip-hop type beat with laden with indecipherable vocals and geogaddi-era boc-type twisting synths. there’s a tiny section that almost sounds like a hip-hop tempo night slugs track. and then it just stops. out of nowhere. nice touch.

psychasonic is a more up-tempo affair, with a jaunty flute line that bleeds into something almost industrial. a post-jam percussive workout swirls downwards, closing it all where it began, dreamy and chilled. think holy fuck meets mojib.

chromeo remix megapost

like you ain’t heard, chromeo are playing dublin tomorrow. the last time they played ireland i was busy trying to hassle diplo for an interview, so missed their show. pretty annoyed, but such is life. you know some of the best things with the chromeo name attached are remixes? every time they put something out, they really get the best there is both to complement and to rework their sound.
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