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flashing for money

what else are you going to do at the weekend other than sit in from the cold and the rain listening to good mixes? the first comes from one of the greats, grandmaster flash, live at the metamorphose festival in japan last september.

Much like the mythological Trojan War, the beginnings of hip hop music are shrouded in fable and legend. We do know this much however – Grandmaster Flash was there. He not only pioneered the hip hop style of DJing, but he invented many of the foundational techniques of the trade. Back-cueing, beat juggling, and record scratching just to name a few. Combined with his rap group, The Furious Five, Flash went on to massive early 80s chart success on the Sugarhill label. Singles like The Message and Scorpio broke new musical ground, not only in the hip hop world, but also in the burgeoning electronic scene. Flash kept active throughout the 80s, releasing records both as solo artist and with the Furious Five. Since then, Flash has gone on to DJ across the globe, playing his infamous blend of party classics – all delivered with his signature cut-and-paste style. Listen here as he rocks the main stage at Metamorphose in Japan.

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i’m taking the weekend off

yeah i’m going to edinburgh to hang out in cool old-style cinemas and eat lots of greggs and dress up as mark zuckerberg for halloween.

i already mentioned that awesome ra podcast, but there’s more amazing halloween-themed mix/podcast dealyos to check out this weekend while you pretend to play with ouija boards and whatever. there’s this awesome old mix boy 8-bit did a few years back called Halloween Special!!! Oooh Sppoky Sounds!!, i remember listening to it in the hmv in preston at some that definitely wasn’t halloween, but simply because it popped up next in my “mixes” folder – i tend to tag all my dj mixes as “mixes” so they all end up in the same place in my ipod, but that means that i’ll have a mix i made followed by diplo or erol or, as happened, boy 8-bit. i don’t care though, it’s such a good mix it’ll work any time. it’s all creaking doors, creepy vocal samples and chilling sounds and songs. Continue reading

hot boyz

i’ve just been reminded of the awesome over-the-top-ness of missy’s late-90s early-00s videos, almost exclusively directed by hype williams. take hot boyz for example. smokey abandoned spaces that look like mad max but everyone’s wearing their freshest, gaudiest gear, well, except for timbo, who seems to be standing up on the podium in some sort of christmas cardigan. and mouthing along about how great “hot boyz” are. Continue reading

y’all scared

i’m a huge fan of outkast‘s aquemini. have i mentioned that here before? i know i certainly wrote a big post about how great atliens is, but it’s always between those two as to which is my favourite outkast album. the internet was all a flurry a few months ago when atlanta’s creative loafing posted an interview with the key players involved about the making of this album, which holds a lofty position in most fan’s hearts. in another retrospective and respectful nod towards the importance of this work, the rub’s dj ayres has put together a mix called pimp trick gangsta click, and if you don’t get the title, well, you’re probably the type who skips those skits you always find on 90s rap albums.
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even with the world cup being on i’ve been super busy the past few days. i’ve got a load of great stuff to blog as soon as i grab a few minutes, but this just jumped straight to the top of the pile. i’ve been waiting for eli escobar’s contribution to the white light mix series for a minute, and now, it’s finally arrived. ever one to keep us on our toes, he’s declined to provide a tracklist. that dude. i can’t wait to get home and listen to this while watching rsa vs uru (i only deal in abbrvs).

“I don’t like to talk about anything I do too much but I will say I tried to create a mood of some kind with this mix. Music that would sound pleasing on the road, early in the morning I suppose. I don’t have a driver’s license but if I did I would listen to this kinda stuff in the car. I didn’t put a track list because I really appreciate the element of surprise and I think it makes the listening experience a lot more rewarding.”


01 – Artist – Track Name
02 – Artist – Track Name
03 – Artist – Track Name
04 – Artist – Track Name
05 – Artist – Track Name
06 – Artist – Track Name
07 – Artist – Track Name
08 – Artist – Track Name
09 – Artist – Track Name
10 – Artist – Track Name
11 – Artist – Track Name
12 – Artist – Track Name
13 – Artist – Track Name
14 – Artist – Track Name
15 – Artist – Track Name
16 – Artist – Track Name

this. looks. awesome.

rex dog synthpop depeche mode neworder yazoo moroder moda sparks dahlback kim wilde human league kompakt kitsune hundehaus alexmetric bronski ghostbusters kraftwerk electro
Special Synth Pop set recorded live at Musicalia, The Old Blue Last, London, May 14th 2010.

Rex The Dog – Synthpop set recorded live at Musicalia May 2010 by rexthedog1980

bleep-ing great

self plug here. the good folks at squeaky bleeps asked me to put together a mix, so i duly obliged. check it out here.

do the right thing and make a deal with god

so i’m up crazy early (for me) in the hope of getting some lcd soundsystem tickets, and of course to kill time i’m snooping around the innanet. just killing time, as you do. lo and behold i find the latest instalment in the delectable white light series. boom. just what you need to perk you up on a drab january morning.

this time it’s dubsided a&r mr neoteric, taking the reins for his third contribution to the series. from the looks of things, this one won’t disappoint. kicking off with aeroplane‘s remake of st etienne‘s simply gorgeous only love can break your heart, it can’t go wrong. i’m also noticing a remix of da hardy boyz, some new shazam and of course, you can’t go wrong with some eli escobar.
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yes on the last day of this year i’m posting the latest in my series of mixes that go some way towards encapsulating what this paste decade meant to me in terms of music, well, from a clubbing point of view at least. 2005 was a strange year – most of my clubbing was spent in what you might call “indie discos”, so i didn’t always get to hear some of the tracks i’ve included. but hey, i damn sure listened to them at home. so i’ve included a few tracks from the rockier side of my clubbing history – interpol, arcade fire, the killers, you know. it was in this year that a new form of dance music seemed to be taking shape – 2manydjs had already wowed the world with as heard on radio soulwax a few years before, but their nite versions album and tour(s) blew that out of the water in my opinion. we also had the debut album from lcd soundsystem, as well as a return from daft punk which, though arguably not as good as the duo’s previous two albums, paved the way for their mindblowing tour a year later.
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nommy prog noodles


i shouldn’t just ape another website’s goodies, but this is too good to pass up. i’ve been pretty upset with nordic scando-prog god lindstrøm’s where you go i go too of late, reckoning 28 minutes of aural bliss. so his contribution to fact magazine‘s mix series, the 100th so far, is no doubt going to be pretty special.

Lindstrøm – FACT Mix 100