clive onion

i’ve been a fan of joe and will ask since i first came across their remix of alena’s turn it around – i later discovered they were both as big fans of euphoric 90s trance as i was, hence that remix, and another for mario piu’s communication. you know, that one with the interference and that girl imploring that “somebody answer the phone”… anyway since then they’ve put out a very small number of releases, focusing on quality instead of quantity. fabric of win was one of my favourite tracks last year – in fact i just included it in my round-up of button factory favourites for transmission – and this year i’ve really loved man the cannons and their remix of booka shade. recently they’ve been putting their energy into their new night vikings at ministry of sound in london (you can check out their mixes for the night here), but that’s not to say they’ve been ignoring the tune side of things. new effort clive onion is a massive departure, it sounds completely unlike anything they’ve done before, yet you can still tell it’s a joe and will ask track. as the blurb on the deadly people soundcloud puts it:

The guys were asked to remix Yeasayer. They ended up writing a killer bassline that sounded weird with the Yeasayer parts. So they wrote a brand new song, sampled Arcade Fire and delivered it the next day.

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