zipped up in plastic, when it happens, that’s it

young london dj stopmakingme has been impressing me a lot over the past 12 months. it all started with his blogger’s delight mix in november last year, sadly no longer on soundcloud. then i really loved his take on marina and the diamonds’ i am not a robot this summer. he’s got a great new single coming out on kill em all records this month, the wrapped in plastic ep. funny how despite his under-the-disco-lights punch and sheen, all i think of whenever i read the title is dre’s the watcher.

anyway, you know someone’s a big deal when they’ve got justin robertson on the remix tip. the standout track for me is hot pepper sauce, but, honestly, they’re all awesome. the three original tracks are available as 192s on palms out sounds right now, and the ep is out on november 22. in the meantime have a listen to his autumn mix below.

Wrapped In Plastic EP (Kill Em All Records) by stopmakingme


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