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like you ain’t heard, chromeo are playing dublin tomorrow. the last time they played ireland i was busy trying to hassle diplo for an interview, so missed their show. pretty annoyed, but such is life. you know some of the best things with the chromeo name attached are remixes? every time they put something out, they really get the best there is both to complement and to rework their sound.

a few years ago i was at a second-hand record sale in the bernard shaw and i saw the above chromeo 12″ but for some reason i left it there. the next day i was in the shaw again and mentioned to the seller, one john mahon, that i’d be interested in taking it off his hands – john ran up to the office and handed it to me fo free. what a gent. the zdar dub on this slab is an effective extension of the original, but the standout remix is by far comes from the juan maclean, who darkens up me and my man into an extended nightmare groove.

Chromeo – Me & My Man (The Juan MacLean Remix)

needy girl got about seven million rereleases over the years, with more and more remixes to go with it. my favourite was probably the lifelike remix, indeed i think it was my belated introduction to the track. for some reason when i heard it all i could think of was da antidote by stanton warriors, that simple riff seemed ever so similar, and i subsequently learned that the earlier track was itself a ripoff of/homage to mann parrish’s boogie down bronx. but the remix. that dancefloor sheen, the bombastic exclamatory crashes at the start of each phrase, the extended phone conversation breakdown, the epic sweep of it all…

Chromeo – Needy Girl (Lifelike Remix)

in hindsight the remixes for fancy footwork, from the likes of surkin, d.i.m. and mstrkrft, seem quite dated and stuck in 2007. with that in mind, i really love how silly the boy 8-bit talkbox dub of needy girl is. that’s not to diminish the boy’s work, he takes a few choice elements from the tracks – yo, what?, you’re not the same, a smidgin of the guitar lick, the bells, and jacks it all together in a wonky fidget-style hot mess. if you’re expecting a subtle rework that’s respectful to the original, see lifelike. boy 8-bit throws it all together for his own evil dancefloor doings. wobwobwob.

Chromeo – Needy Girl (Boy 8-Bit Talkbox Dub)

one track that i don’t even think got an official release, except for its place on craze‘s fabriclive mix, is eli escobar‘s rework of bonafied lovin, complete with a bonus verse from one pase rock. dream team status. it flips the drama of the og into a more playful direction, pointing out all of “your man’s” failings in a tongue-in-cheek and playfully competitive rather than a confrontational manner. “all that teenage love is lame i know you feeling the same…”

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (Eli Escobar Remix ft Pase Rock)

going back to earlier times, you’re so gangsta, from she’s in control, is a frivolous piece of neo-electro-funk that doesn’t quite work, but props for throwing some sax into what is essentially a pop song and not having it sound completely naff. trevor jackson‘s playgroup took the track, slowed it down, jacked it up, amped up the white noise even further and threw a heavy-ass bassline on it, and, most importantly, got rid of the vocals.

Chromeo – You’re So Gangsta (Playgroup Instrumental)

last year they came back from a lengthy hiatus with night by night, which, i must admit, didn’t completely and totally win me over. that was until i heard the siriusmo remix. turning an argument even more tense than that of needy girl or my girl is calling me (a liar) into something passionate and hopeful, it certainly seems after listening to this one that they definitely will work things out. and then the acid kicks in. so they’ve worked it out and gone to the disco. ain’t that sweet.

Chromeo – Night By Night (Siriusmo Remix)

this isn’t a remix but hey, it’s my blog. another thing they did last year was make an appearance on yo gabba gabba!, with this charming ditty intended to inspire children to wash their hands before they eat their dinner/play keys. chromeo – not just for adults.

Chromeo – Very Clean Boy

this year they finally released their third album, business casual. and of course there were more remixes to go with it. don’t turn the lights on, in my view a desperate plea to be left alone with a memory of one who’s passed on, got the dancefloor treatment from aeroplane and christian martin, but carte blanche really took things up a notch. it’s as if that same person is escaping their grief by losing it amidst the lasers in the clurb. speaking of which, chromeo will be djing at bad kids in pod after the show tomorrow night. don’t miss it.

Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On (Carte Blanche Remix)

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  1. I can’t believe i even stopped listening to these guys. It’s amazing how much music you forget about and lose just when you get a new computer

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