i’m taking the weekend off

yeah i’m going to edinburgh to hang out in cool old-style cinemas and eat lots of greggs and dress up as mark zuckerberg for halloween.

i already mentioned that awesome ra podcast, but there’s more amazing halloween-themed mix/podcast dealyos to check out this weekend while you pretend to play with ouija boards and whatever. there’s this awesome old mix boy 8-bit did a few years back called Halloween Special!!! Oooh Sppoky Sounds!!, i remember listening to it in the hmv in preston at some that definitely wasn’t halloween, but simply because it popped up next in my “mixes” folder – i tend to tag all my dj mixes as “mixes” so they all end up in the same place in my ipod, but that means that i’ll have a mix i made followed by diplo or erol or, as happened, boy 8-bit. i don’t care though, it’s such a good mix it’ll work any time. it’s all creaking doors, creepy vocal samples and chilling sounds and songs.

i haven’t had a chance to listen to it all yet BUT this mix from bladerunners‘ dj 7l seems like it’s in the same vein. awesome stuff. soundtracks, library records and movie clips, with a sweet cover by mike the 2600 king. the creepiest of creepy shit. but it’s not all nightmare italo, there’s funk and classical music and oboes and synths and lots of piano and it’s all just great so far.

by the way – there’s this show on mtv as i type called scream queens – it seems like britain’s next top model only for girls who want to play the girls who have to run away from the guys with knives in slasher flicks. don’t ever watch it. 16 and pregnant, which was on just before, was more engaging.

Halloween Special!!! Oooh Sppoky Sounds!!

Part 1
Goblin – ‘Waiting Death’ (Tenebre)
Rick Wakeman – ‘Campfire Tales’ (The Burning)
Alessandro Allesandroni – ‘Devils Nightmare’ (Devils Nightmare)
Nico Fidenco – ‘Zombie Parade’ (Zombie Holocaust)
Nico Fidenco – ‘Come Back! Rhythm’ ( Different version of above from Emanuelle Around The World)
Nora Orlandi – ‘Dies Irae’ (The strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh)
Dialogue from the movie ‘Stagefright’
Fabio Frizzi – ‘Apoteosi del Misero’ (City of the Living Dead)
Fabio Frizzi – ‘Sequenza 8′ (Zombi 2 aka Zombi Flesh Eaters)
DEan Gitter – Skin and Bone (From the Album Ghost Ballads 1957)
Donald Rubenstein – ‘The Calling’ (George Romero’s Martin)
Walter Razzati – Monster End (House by the Cemetery)

Part 2
The Producers – Life in Tv (Demons 2)
Keith Emerson – Taxi Ride (Inferno)
Goblin – Snip Snap (Partick)
Ennio Morricone – 4 mosche di velluto grigio’ (Four Flies on Grey Velvet)
Goblin – ‘Bikini Island’ (Contamination)
Goblin – ‘Flashing’ (Tenebre)
Hot Ice – ‘Friday 13th pt 3 Titles’ (Friday the 13th Part 3 3D )
Ritz Ortolani – ‘Do It To Me’(House by the Edge Of The Park)
Paul_Zaza & Carl_Zittrer – ‘Prom Night Pt 2′ (Prom Night)

DJ 7L – Music To Get Murdered By (no tracklist)

Gique – Fulci’s Rotting Children

(btw it totally would be me to search for this mix and upload it and then realise it’s online for direct dl)


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