it’s been a minute since solid bump have hit us with a new release, and this one has been in the pipeline for so long that some of us have been, quite literally, itching to get our hands on it. what do you get when you combine san fransisco, leeds and a love of delicious house music?

yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. lovely isn’t it? classic house, tinged with disco, guitar licks that scream party but have a hint of melancholy, ghosts of venice‘s her is, in two words, all good. and then we have the remixes. bit funk takes it to a definite house party place, and bosses white girl lust take it to ibiza, with an eight-minute, piano-led emotive tech monster. mix chopin‘s is almost tongue in cheek with its funk-laden horns, chopped up vocals and low-slung basslines, while mykill and meroz round things up with a pool party/beach house steez that makes me even more annoyed that summer is over and i walked home in the rain today. keep your eye on the internets as i believe bit funk’s mix is going to drop over on xlr8r (as a 160 mind – you’re better off just buying the damn thing). buy it at:

turntable lab

in the meantime, get yourself jealous and frustrated all over again with all the exclusives in white girl lust’s october chart. no, it really isn’t fair.


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