i really don’t like that word. there’s no real reason for this, but it just sounds horrible to my ears. i guess any of that pseudo-management-bureaucracy-jargon-speak that they indulge in on any of the various apprentice shows is going to sound nonsensical at the best of times, but even worse when it comes out of the mouths of these power/fame-hungry zombies who launch their (reality tv) careers on a platform of unhealthy, overzealous ambition.

not that i’ve a problem with industry. one of my favourite tracks of late is the from azari & iii‘s release on turbo, the worker. it’s a plodding, no-nonsense technoid track that does exactly what it says on the tin. it works. grinding, pulsating and serious, it sounds like it was created in a warehouse, crafted by workers to the sound of the very track itself. another track in that vein is hector & nate‘s jomo, just out on scattermusic. the belgian duo have put together a useful ep, not of club bangers but of effective club tools – the label’s own promo descrives jomo’s “cascading percussion that’s already proven to cause ultimate chaos on the dancefloor”, and while i can’t vouch for this chaos, the percussion is swirling and atmospheric and definitely works in my head. wooooooooork.

Azari & III – The Worker

Hector & Nate – Jomo


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