lonely soul

i do love unkle, me. i was about five years late to the party, but i’ve been hanging around ever since. and it all started with lonely soul. i first remember hearing the opening line on a late-night radio show in 1998, before promptly falling asleep. then a few years later a girl i met on holiday told me she had been listening to it constantly on her return journey by bus from central france to estonia. first instinct when i hear it – oh that… it’s used at the end of the beach, but don’t hold that against it. funnily enough (or not, maybe it’s just me), i read the beach over a weekend spent listening to cd 1 of this contribution to the euphoria series. with slightly trippy and ethereal pieces of trance nonsense coming from the likes of y traxx, katcha, solar stone and salt tank, it seemed the perfect accompaniment, in my 15-year-old mind, to a trip to the far east. maybe i should dig it out for a listen when i’m on the way to my honeymoon….

but back to unkle. to herald their tour of north america they’ve put together a sampler featuring two unkle live songs, as well as two songs by each support act on the tour – sleepy sun, ki:theory and the golden filter. i know he’s not exactly richard ashcroft, but gavin clark does a fantastic job on lonely soul, almost making it his own, but in a way that seems to acknowledge the fact that it’s not. the presence of the heritage orchestra adds another dimension of spine-tingle to the proceedings. of course, the tracks by the other acts are pretty nifty too, especially solid gold, but it is the unkle show after all…

UNKLE – Lonely Soul (Live with The Heritage Orchestra)


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