hot boyz

i’ve just been reminded of the awesome over-the-top-ness of missy’s late-90s early-00s videos, almost exclusively directed by hype williams. take hot boyz for example. smokey abandoned spaces that look like mad max but everyone’s wearing their freshest, gaudiest gear, well, except for timbo, who seems to be standing up on the podium in some sort of christmas cardigan. and mouthing along about how great “hot boyz” are.

but i think my favourite thing about this video is the way nas’ lyrics are cut.

Them fiends want that deep boy
Feds send in a decoy, pack that heat boy
Push ya where ya rest in peace boy
Get your mama’s house shot up
Bodies all chopped up
When them bodies pop up, I ain’t getting’ locked up

i mean i get them cutting “cuss” words and explicit references to guns, but this is as over the top as the damn video.

but we really can’t forget about the rain, which was my introduction to this crazy lady. crazy in a good way. i had already heard pony, timbaland’s sleazy-ass production for ginuwine (who pops up looking serious as hell in the hot boyz vid), but this was off the charts. whut, she’s just wearing a bin bag!!iii!1!11one… what the hell is she talking about? is it druuuuuuuugsssss?! that’s what happens when you’re 12 and watching (heavily censored) rap videos on mtv. i decided to put this track in my mix for the babe, terror/phantasy mix competition, partially for the sparse, moody feel, partially for the rain sound effects. check it out here – one for late-night walks and drunken bus journeys…


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