sixty seconds of hum. ambient, melodic hum. a glissando followed by an electronic kick. this introduction sums up the cacti ep, the latest work from aman ellis on modyworks. the last time i wrote about him he was looking to the skies and dealing with extra-terrestrial soundscapes, but this time he’s back on this planet. it’s an new attempt at the chopped-up, cut-and-paste efforts from the likes of dj shadow and rjd2. as the title suggests, it sounds like it’d be perfect listening in the hazy wilds of the us desert.

seinfeld basslines, repeated vocal samples, snippets of old tv show themes, lashings of glass bells, nightmare phone conversations, it’s late-night lazing music, gentle enough to relax to, but interesting enough to ensure you stay alert. there’s even a hint of a dubstep wobble on hello, which ends with about three seconds of folson prison blues. and why not. i think my favourite track has to be a man in alabama, which calls to mind the turn-of-the-century stylings of the likes of the avalanches and groove armada. what this really evokes for me is the soundtrack to the uk tv comedy green wing, put together by jonathan whitehead, aka trellis. it’s mainly the slow tempo, lazy feel and the wailing trumpet sounds, all of which add up to form a languid, enjoyable breeze through this thoroughly engaging project.

Aman Ellis – The Cacti EP (direct link)


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