making vows

i spend a lot of time, probably too much, on the erol alkan forum. it’s a place for silly banter, annoying trolls, overearnest discussion and, sometimes most interestingly, great new music. one such proponent of cool tunes is diamond messages, who’s just been signed to a label set up by another forumer, john howes, whose music i’ve featured here before. the label, called spontaneous rhythm, has just put out diamond messages’ label debut, let’s make a vow. it’s a lovely slice of bass-led funk, with dreamy and breathy vocals from molly ruddle. and it’s available from amazon and itunes from today. but diamond messages, real name jason craig, isn’t content to rest on his laurels, already working with new vocalist taylor on a tune called echoes. it’s in the same vein as let’s take a vow, but taylor’s adding a new dimension to the diamond messages sound.

if you’d like to know a bit more about the diamond messages project, check out this interview over at the truants blog. speaking of truants, i’ve just been inducted to that blogging team, so you can look forward to some updates from me over there twice a week too. i mean you should be reading it on the daily anyway, but we all make mistakes.

Diamond Messages – Let’s Make A Vow (Howes Remix)


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