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come as you are

youth. young edits. i think he goes by both. either way i’ve been a fan of this young (!) australian’s stuff for a while, he’s always making useable edits and funky tracks. most recently he seems to be subtly turning his hand to rock classics, specifically the cure’s why can’t i be you and talking heads’ naive melody (which, i might add, is used at the end of wall street 2, much like the first film – though i wouldn’t recommend seeing it). this time he’s done something very brave, gently tweaking nirvana’s come as you are to make it play-out-able. not quite ep1x bang0rz status, but early room-building disco mix times appropriate, at the very least. impressive.

i’m taking the weekend off

yeah i’m going to edinburgh to hang out in cool old-style cinemas and eat lots of greggs and dress up as mark zuckerberg for halloween.

i already mentioned that awesome ra podcast, but there’s more amazing halloween-themed mix/podcast dealyos to check out this weekend while you pretend to play with ouija boards and whatever. there’s this awesome old mix boy 8-bit did a few years back called Halloween Special!!! Oooh Sppoky Sounds!!, i remember listening to it in the hmv in preston at some that definitely wasn’t halloween, but simply because it popped up next in my “mixes” folder – i tend to tag all my dj mixes as “mixes” so they all end up in the same place in my ipod, but that means that i’ll have a mix i made followed by diplo or erol or, as happened, boy 8-bit. i don’t care though, it’s such a good mix it’ll work any time. it’s all creaking doors, creepy vocal samples and chilling sounds and songs. Continue reading


it’s been a minute since solid bump have hit us with a new release, and this one has been in the pipeline for so long that some of us have been, quite literally, itching to get our hands on it. what do you get when you combine san fransisco, leeds and a love of delicious house music?

yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. lovely isn’t it? classic house, tinged with disco, guitar licks that scream party but have a hint of melancholy, ghosts of venice‘s her is, in two words, all good. Continue reading

halloween is coming

i’m actually going to be in edinburgh this weekend but if i were in dublin i would definitely be going to transmission to see the subs. check out this interview i did with them for the tm blog.

keeping in the spirit of things, the latest ra podcast is crazy good, as is this retro-italo-themed release i blogged about for truants.

a couple of years ago i discovered a track called fulci’s rotting children (possibly on the hllrbrd), and now i want the rest of this compilation. techno frights.

on sunday night when i get home i plan on ordering pizza and watching hammer films.

another night out

can i have a rest already?! the above is basically what i played last night. i tend to write down what i’m playing in my phone as i play it, as much for myself so i know what i play for future reference, and not to be too repetitive, and sometimes post it online. i’ve never really played a dubstep set before, and i’m not exactly deep in the genre, so a lot of the tracks and transitions were inspired by a mix i did two years ago mixing dubstep and ghettotech. or skirting the edges of each. there were two new(ish) tracks, that ethix track and the kill light track which is called animate, for the record.

tonight i’m going to see trentemøller and then play at transmission, where i’ll hopefully play some stuff from the likes of…. shadow dancer, screendeath, savage skulls, renaissance man, club cheval, carte blanche…. or maybe none of them at all. we’ll see.

today i…

woke up at 1pm.
put on a wash.
listened to loads of tunes.
made an edit.
made a chart.
finished the season of jersey shore.
nearly fell over in the shower.

now excuse me while i go drink some red bull and watch corrie before getting ready to go dj somewhere.


i really don’t like that word. there’s no real reason for this, but it just sounds horrible to my ears. i guess any of that pseudo-management-bureaucracy-jargon-speak that they indulge in on any of the various apprentice shows is going to sound nonsensical at the best of times, but even worse when it comes out of the mouths of these power/fame-hungry zombies who launch their (reality tv) careers on a platform of unhealthy, overzealous ambition.

not that i’ve a problem with industry. one of my favourite tracks of late is the from azari & iii‘s release on turbo, the worker. it’s a plodding, no-nonsense technoid track that does exactly what it says on the tin. it works. grinding, pulsating and serious, it sounds like it was created in a warehouse, crafted by workers to the sound of the very track itself. another track in that vein is hector & nate‘s jomo, just out on scattermusic. the belgian duo have put together a useful ep, not of club bangers but of effective club tools – the label’s own promo descrives jomo’s “cascading percussion that’s already proven to cause ultimate chaos on the dancefloor”, and while i can’t vouch for this chaos, the percussion is swirling and atmospheric and definitely works in my head. wooooooooork.

Azari & III – The Worker

Hector & Nate – Jomo