y’all scared

i’m a huge fan of outkast‘s aquemini. have i mentioned that here before? i know i certainly wrote a big post about how great atliens is, but it’s always between those two as to which is my favourite outkast album. the internet was all a flurry a few months ago when atlanta’s creative loafing posted an interview with the key players involved about the making of this album, which holds a lofty position in most fan’s hearts. in another retrospective and respectful nod towards the importance of this work, the rub’s dj ayres has put together a mix called pimp trick gangsta click, and if you don’t get the title, well, you’re probably the type who skips those skits you always find on 90s rap albums.

this mix was borne out of ayres’ preparation for a party he and the rub are putting on in tomorrow in new york:

I’m playing the entirety of Outkast’s Aquemini along with the music which inspired it, and the music which it inspired. Tons of country rap, some dark weirdo synthesizer shit, some Parliament/Funkadelic, Dungeon Family rarities, and so on.

sounds like an awesome party, and it seems like something people over here should emulate. maybe i should do it myself. bam. in the meantime, visit the rub for general hip-hop goodies. and don’t forget to check out the rub’s dj eleven in the dublin’s the village on october 29.

DJ Ayres – Pimp Trick Gangsta Click Mixtape (direct link)

Witchdoctor ft. Outkast – Dez Only 1
Goodie Mobb ft. Big Boi – Dirty South
Cool Breeze – Creatine
Georgio Moroder – Theme From Midnight Express
Outkast – Nathaniel
UGK – Ridin’ Dirty
Outkast – West Savannah
Youngbloodz ft. Big Boi – 85
Rebirth Brass Band – Spottie
8-Ball & MJG – Paid Dues
David Banner – Cadillacs on 22s
Slim Cutta Calhoun ft. Andre 3000 – It’s OK
Sly & The Family Stone – Rock Dirge
Harry Mancini – Police Woman (D. Ramirez edit)
Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
Outkast – Da Art of Storytelling
Wilbur “Bad” Bascomb – Black Grass
Outkast – Rosa Parks
Merry Clayton – Southern Man
Cool Breeze ft. Dungeon Family – Watch For The Hook
Slick Rick ft Outkast – Street Talkin
Killer Mike ft. Big Boi – A.D.I.D.A.S.
Field Mob ft. Cee Lo – All I Know


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