tomb of the doom

so who’s excited about seeing mf doom next month? viktor vaughan is coming to dublin’s button factory on october 12, brought over by the guys from choice cuts. one of the most interesting and prolific rappers out there, there’s not much point in me even trying to go through his back catalogue, so instead i can offer this mix put together by dj mayhem, who’s been part of the irish hip-hop scene since the mid-90s. it collates some of his best work, from madvillainy (with madlib), the mouse and the mask (with danger mouse), mm…food, a collaboration with gorillaz and much more, even fitting in his rework of nas’ one love from nastradoomus. check it.

1. Intro
2. November has come
3. Popsnot
4. Bada Bing
5. Curls
6. Meat Grinder
7. More Rhymin
8. Pot Holders
9. Greenbacks
10. Crosshairs
11. Ballskin
12. Kon Karne
13. Doomsday
14. Benzie Box
15. Deep Fried Frenz
16. Gas Drawls & Live from Planet X
17. Fancy Clown
18. Hoecakes – Left overs Mix
19. ? feat Kurious
20. My Favorite Ladies – Live from Planet X
21. Gazillion Ear
22. Dope Skill.
23. Basket Case.
24. Mr. Clean.
25. Vomit/Change That Beat
26. Money Folder Remix.
27. Angelz feat Tony Starks.
28. Outro.
29. MF Doom Special Blend – Nas – One Love.


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