taking you back to 95

how appropriate that after last night’s celebration of coldcut’s 95 opus, i can offer you something from an act wanting to take you back to 95. as it happens, that track isn’t the main focus of this post, but hey, it was a nice bit of synchronicity. meanbucket is started out as a blog outlet of prague-based djs quime and tuco, the guys behind the successful dutty weekend club nights in that beautiful city, which have hosted the likes of sinden, mumdance, l-vis 1990 and even those daft upstarts die antwoord. this year they started putting out records, kicking off with dj tuco’s own disco kicks.

their second release comes from japan’s ethix. when i first heard breakin’ bad and its two remixes, i felt really excited about where this label was going. a lot of the stuff under the general dubstep umbrella really isn’t to my taste, but the jittery, atmospheric and downright schizophrenic work being put out by the likes of actress, faltydl and kyle hall (though obviously he’s largely grounded in a more house-oriented sphere), for example, have really been winning me over in these past months. breakin’ bad falls into that same niche. the original would slot in right beside any of the above, while its warm synths take me back to that scatty (can i say that in a way that isn’t rude?) stuff carl craig was making about two decades back.

the nick catchdubs and proper villains pumper remix, which is available for download below, is the kind of thing that would fit in to my dj sets. retaining the warm and frantic feel of the og, it also introduces a sort of 2 bad mice-style sound, which only adds to the 90s vibe. respectful while still being forward-thinking. i should also mention that i called my world cup fantasy football team ‘proper villains’, and they came second. pretty happy with that.

the release also comes with a remix from prague’s own side9000, which dips its toes into the wobblestep side of things, but is keen to ward off any serious contamination. proper good future dubstep, it’s got skittery beats and stabs that evoke the same feelings as 2562, that idm-style dubstep that’s more than just a combination of wobble and smash.

the single is available at juno and beatport, and you can listen to it below. there’s also a mix put together by ethix to promote the release, which, rather appropriately i think, includes just the kind of future garage and dubstep i was celebrating above. you can also grab, as mentioned, the nick catchdubs and proper villains remix, and ethix’s aforementioned ‘takes you back to 95’ remix of last year’s pacific steppaz.

Ethix – Breakin’ Bad (Nick Catchdubs X Proper Villains Pumper Remix)
Pacific Steppaz – Pacific Steppaz (Ethix Takes You Back To 95 Remix)


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