it’s been a good week for arveene and misk. they’ve just been announced for electric picnic, they tore transmission a new one last night, and on top of this they’ve put out their new single eavesdropper on bang gang 12 inches (link is definitely nsfw, so you know). the track is a pounding slab of electro, heaving and pulsating with angry synths and unexpected chord progressions. it’s a pretty hefty piece of work, and i imagine i’m going to hear a lot of it over festival season. there are also some perfect-fit-for-different parties-remixes from cassette jam (which goes even harder) and audiofun (which makes it a techy affair, without losing any of the original’s crunch). you can buy them all here or here, and there’s also a powerfully subtle remix of hystereo for free down below.

Hystereo – Cityspeak (Arveene & Misk Remix)


One response to “eavesdropper

  1. Woah thats nice.About frecking time,some heavy irish talent!

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