time to quit yet?

i’m really bad at listening to the music i download. i can grab something online, or find it in my inbox, and not listen to it for hours, days, weeks… there’s stuff on my hard drive i got in 2007 that i’ve never listened to, such is my laziness. thankfully, in this case, i didn’t leave it so long – just the two days. as i’ve mentioned before, i’m a fan of the bandcamp way of doing things. their most recent release is from patrick lee, a musician/dj/husband/father. he’s got a rake of music here on his site, and if this track, quittin’ time, is anything to go by, it’s all worth a look.

the track isn’t a million miles from that go! team/avalanches style, quirky fun 60s-sounding tunes, this one kicked off by a catchy guitar lead, which is soon joined by a joyous blast of trumpet. my favourite thing, that elevates this above anything i’ve heard lately and made it the perfect soundtrack to my walk to work in the sunshine this morning, are its vocally uttered drum fills. have you ever heard the like? i read years ago that all the percussive sounds in boards of canada‘s an eagle in your mind came from chopped-up samples of michael sandison’s girlfriend’s voice. this is completely different – there’s no second guessing, you know this is a dude in the studio going “di-dum-di-dum-di-dum-di-dum di-di-dum”. and it’s all the better for it.

Patrick Lee – Quittin’ Time [

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