the end of the world is bigger than love

jens lekman’s short performance at the 2006 pitchfork festival was one of the most charming i’ve ever seen. his intriguing take on life and love was particularly welcome, especially given my general distaste for twee indie and soporific singer-songwriters. his second album the following year (great as it as, oh you’re so silent jens is really a singles collection), night falls over kortedala, was a delight, as he finally committed to record a postcard to nina. it had been a highlight of the aforementioned festival, and i was relieved that i didn’t have to keep rabbiting on about this great song he did at pitchfork, man. though it does suffer ever so slightly without his on-stage commentary. in december of that year he came to ireland, performing at whelan’s with just one of his troupe of attractive blonde ladies. since he was in town for gigs the night before and after, one owen pallett joined the two for one song – i believe it was maple leaves.

it is timely that he release a new song, the end of the world is bigger than love, since he kicks off a short european tour with a return to whelan’s this sunday night. the song is inimitably jens, more of the same but different. the same 60s-influenced pop sheen, the same mournful yet resilient lyrics, the same good but not great but definitely individual and unmistakable singing voice. what more could you ask for?

get the new song here, and read his note while you’re at it.

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