mr. meeble

mr. meeble is a parisian trio that was formed when devin fleenor, blain litzke and michael plaster met at the french space agency, cnes. the act’s name came from an accidental sound created from styrofoam. their sound is reminiscent of earlier acts – put simply, they sound like what would happen if the lads from boards of canada and the album leaf‘s jimmy lavalle hooked up and made sweet music. but to lump them into such hypothetical classifications is to do them a disservice. their sound is quite unique, conjuring up a melancholic world of dreams and longing, while undermining any inherent sweetness by making use of a host of furious basslines and heavy distortion. again, given the “d” word is now so heavily associated with a particular musical sphere, this is not to be confused with the world of justice and their many successors and imitators.

in short, this is definitely headphone music.

they’ve just released a free track, the appropriately named gift. this follows their 2008 album never trust the chinese, a gorgeous album deceptively dressed in a nightmarish, blood-splattered cover. gift is a track about the pain of love and the difficulty of change, defined by shifts in time signature, the slow build-and-destroy from epic, single-line guitar themes to miniscule glitches and bleeps. it may or may not be on mr. meeble’s second album.

Mr. Meeble – Gift (direct link)

Mr. Meeble on YouTube / Twitter / Facebook


One response to “mr. meeble

  1. Meeble is amazing, I have been a big fan ever since they found me (emphasis on that, these guys reach out to people, and that is sweet) on twitter. I immediately went and got their album NTTC off of iTunes, and luckily won one of their contests and am a proud owner of a signed hard copy and a DVD. These guys will go far, and I have nothing but praises for them.

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